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New KLR650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mauser, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Saw the new KLR650. Looks very nice. The only thing that concerns me is the seat height of 890mm, as I'm only 5'8" and ain't really used to "tall" bikes.



  2. They are nice though, looks like I may have one in my garage very soon. They are hard to get at the moment though, if you found one thats good.
  3. Just had this discussion with Davo elsewhere :wink:

    Try out a KLE, smoother twin, six speed box and a bit lower seat height Specs here
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Would it be possible to take the seat to a professional Upholsterer and get them to take some height off the seat without stuffing it up?
    Geez, it does look nice though.

  5. Yes

    There is a guy highly recommended in Qld, John Moorehouse and someone in Goulburn (NSW), don't know anyone in Vic though sure they exist
  6. Chris as this type of bike is not what I have focused on I picked up something the other day. Is the KLE500 a runout, as in is it the end of the line for it?

    Not that its a problem.
  7. +1 for the KLE. Overlooked by a lot of people but it is a dream in traffic and easy on the longer trips.

    Bought min in October last year and passed the 9000k mark on the way to work this morning.

    The KLE is a runout model. I think the closest replacement would be the Versys (650 twin). It has had good write ups as well.
  8. The KLR650 is a bike I'd have in my garage tommorow if I could live with the seat height... I regret to say that I can't (I'm 5'8" tall also).

    The V-Strom 650 a fair bit lower with a seat height of only 820mm and I can manage that ok (not flat foot but ok).

    The DR650SE has a stock seat height of 885mm which is almost as high as the KLR650 but the bike is narrower and ones leg sits straighter which makes it easier than the KLR650 also. In addition the dealers can lower the DR650SE (although that obviously comprimises the off road ability). The DR650SE will need an aftermarket tank for touring as well.

    The BMW F650GS (really an 800 twin) is another dual purpose option with a low seat option that is about the same height as the 650 V-Strom, but it's a fair bit more $.

    That's about it for lower seat height dual purpose bikes although some Suzuki Dealers can swap the lower 650 V-Strom seat onto the 1000 V-Strom which might be an option.
  9. A mate of mine is five foot six, and he rides a DR650. At first it was pretty daunting for him, but he soon got used to it. He's hooning around the dirt now too...

    You should be able to get used to it pretty quickly. There's so many other things to take into account other than just seat hight when finding your ideal bike.

    Personally I'd go the DR with a 17 litre tank. I'm biased towards singles though.
  10. Don't forget that although teh KLR is tall, it is aimed at trail riding, so there'll be some fair suspension sag when you sit on teh bike. Try one and see how much it compresses.
    Also, do some research on teh curent KLR, they are having some reasonably serious issues with them. The balance chain adjuster is NOT fixed, for example. And more than teh odd bike hs had to go back for carburettor or auto compression release repairs, plus photos I have seen of rubber components perishing in six months.
    Much as I love Kawasakis, I think they've royally fcuked teh KLR up, not so much with the new model, but building it in Malaysia, qualty control has suffered.
    I definitely would look long and hard at teh KLE, a fine bike and an excellent, well sorted engine.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Thanks for the replies and advice guys, I appreciate it heaps. Taking it all on board and weighing it all up.


  12. I know it would be a bit daunting, riding a bike which is high, and you are unfamiliar with, but give one a good test ride...

    I have an 06 KLR650, I am 5'10" and a bit, but I have no problems at all with the height, except that the bars sit too high for filtering on Sydney roads... they are exactly the same height as Toorak tractors', and tradesmans utes' mirrors...

    You might want to think about a low mileage used bike and save yourself $$$. I got my 06 model with 5,000Km for $6K... probably about $2K off retail...

    The KLE is a nice bike, but even less power than the KLR...

  13. how do you guys find the klr in the dirt...been doing heaps of reading on both the klr and dr (and xr600, though from what i have heard it's not idea to carry much gear as the rear subframe is pretty weak) as am looking to do some off road adv riding, but not sure which way to go, some suggest the dr as a base to start modding on others the klr, so am interested to hear owners opinions places you have taken them, do you ride with mates with the other models, can you see a difference in performance? :?

    cheers stewy
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