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New KLR650

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by RedNinja, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Has been awhile since I've post here, sorry 'bout that....anyway...

    On Saturday I bought a new Kawasaki KLR650. I was really after something different to everything else I've had over the years. I have been a bit bored with bikes to date and after doing some club racing, was finding it hard to feel I could have fun on the road legally on a sports bike.

    So I decided to look for something different to sports bikes and I found dual sports bikes were very interesting. Looking at a dealer I saw the KLR650, what seemed a bargin at just $7800 on road, with 12 months Swan insurance. Lets put that in perspective, that's like just buying a bunch of extra's on a BMW GS1200, without the GS.

    Ok, it's not quite a week down, but here are my thoughts, is this bike too cheap to be any good? Answer so far no, it's a bloody bargin.

    The KLR seems to be just a old school bike with a new look. Everything on it is basic, but works. Ok it's not a speed machine, but that's going to be easier to keep my licence. Also a 22L tank, how cool is that and about 5L per 100k's, that must be over 400k's per tank!!!

    Sure it's a LAMS restricted version here in Australia, but that's simple to fix, a $59 carbie float from spares shop and swap the part over (If you're handy with the tools, or an hour labor at a bike shop. Can't wait to see what the difference is, if it revs better beyond 4500 it'll be tops.

    On the road, it feels well made, holds the road very well and the short stint I did on a crap dirt road was a great bit of fun standing up. I want to do more off road now!

    Looking on the Net there is heaps of mods for these bikes and the Yanks loves these. I can't believe how much after market stuff you can get, Bags, hard luggage, pipes, fork valves, electrical gizmo's, crashbars,,,, I'm gonna have heaps of fun here.

    Long and the short of it, this bike I think is a simple back to basics type deal that makes you feel happy on multiple levels; The wallet, The adventure of something different and The Joy of riding something so simple.

    Colour picture of course, cheers RN.

  2. Nice choice of bike RN - welcome to the KLR Klan :)

  3. I wanted a red one! Couldn't find anything but blue/black or green/black at the time I was buying.

    Congrats on the new bike :)
  4. Thanks Guys.

    Thanks for the forum links too!

    Also she's Burn't Orange / Silver / Black, I think we are still waiting on Kawasaki to bring red ones here! Maybe they are scared red is to fast for Lams bikes? :D

    Cheers RN
  5. Hey nice bike mate, I was considering one of these as well, I ended up going a BMW g650 instead cos the dealer for the Kawasaki wasn't very helpful and I thought of when the abs saved me a couple of times in the car.. But I reckon these things would be awesome! I have a 94 klx 650 for the motox stuff n it's great!
    Good luck with it ;)
  6. TO the OP, how are you going with this bike? I have been mulling over some adventure touring bikes, looked at triumph tiger et al. But I am new to off road riding. I am sure I am likely to drop it off road.

    The klr seems a lighter, cheaper option. I understand it's not a spirited bike and the power on it is quite mellow, which brings me to my question to the OP...

    Given like me, you also seem to have come off fast super sports bikes on to the KLR, how have you found the overall lack of power on the bike? Given where it I designed to run, do you notice it much?

    Also, have you done any long distance touring on it? Your thoughts on bikes comfort etc? Thanks!
  7. Welcome, you should have a lot of fun on that bike.
  8. Hi KS,

    Some quick answers for you, i've done just under 6,000ks on it now, on the blacks stuff(80%) gravel roads (20%) . Yes I did find the KLR650 slow, at 19hp measured on a dyno, it was a bit of a slug. To fix this I has a bunch of mods done at my mechanics, a pipe added, fuel needle, new carbie float, re-jetting. It now produces 41hp, which seems plenty on this bike now, it easily overtakes cars on the freeway and doesn't feel like a slug at all. Lams restriction really hurt the performance on these. Of course my VFR800 will just blow it away, but it's a 800 V4 street bike yeah... but riding with other bikes it does just fine, even in the twisties (now the forks are re-done, see later on below)

    Long distance yes I've done a few, mainly tarmac rides and the stock seat was crap, my ass would hurt after just 100k's. Reason being the seat foam is so thin, after just 3,000ks on the clock it was next to useless and the ass pain after a ride oooh. I had the seat re-trimmed and it's fine now.

    Also handling, the front forks were like riding a water bed and were ok only off road if going slow, but wallowed bad on the road and god help you under hard braking in traffic. I fixed this with ricor fork valves and the difference is day and night. It's a really good cheap-ish resolution, now has a solid front end both on road and off.

    Next wind buffering, I'm 5,11" and it was a bit crap on the freeway. Fixed this also with a screen off ebay. Now it's fine. I've done a lot of other small stuff to blah blah etc.

    Sadly after all this, wife and I have just had our first child, not riding it so thinking of selling it, as with three bikes in the garage it's just an expense gathering dust. :cry:

    Overall, with a few mods these are very good value for money bikes, actually very good. It's easy to see why so many of them sell, they really are cheap.
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  9. Congratulations!

    The dual sport class is, IMHO, the best hunting ground for the most bike for the least money.

    I went for the DR650 over the KLR (lighter, simpler, no pointless restriction to deal with, trading off against an eggcup sized tank, no wind protection and a seat that can become painful in less than 100 km) but $7800 OTR and insured has bought you a stonking bike nonetheless :D.

    If you need to rationalise your bike collection and could, for example, only keep one, I'd recommend sticking with the KLR. After all, it does the needful day to day and, if you've got race experience, you could have fun taking it to the odd trackday and scaring wannabes on GSXRs :twisted:.