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new kid

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by crazy_P, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Hi, this is ma first post just wanted to say hi, and say i just got ma P's today, now that's not very spec. but wat i did was on emrg. stop i've managed to do endo!! YEEEAAA..... An L plater pulling endos on a test how cool is that!? i'm soo happy :grin: :grin:

  2. Good work buddy(on the P's, not so much the endo :p )

    Have fun!

    Im too scared to do endos on the R6, hell i can barely control em on a push bike :LOL:
  3. HA! welcome! hope they didn't take it out on you for doing that.
    I've always wanted to go back to the the tests and do the whole course on the rear wheel or either rolling burnouts.

    Where you from?
  4. well it wasn't a full proper endo but i yenked a front brake some much that i got a rear wheel up! and instructor goes how can i fail you!? and he was telling us that you won't be endoning cos it takes exp. to do it and there i was on ma baby ninja to prove him wrong.
  5. hey welcome :grin:
  6. thanks guys you are tops
  7. [​IMG] crazy_P
  8. that's it BUD, i know where i'm going so might as well enjoy the time. look this might ofend sum people so pls look away hell might be a cool place all ov the bad A!$ are there, Ana Nicole Smith, Pam Andeson will be there, 2 pac........ I know i'm crazy
  9. i didn't have a pic to show ma baby but here it is!



    She is something special!
  10. Welcome crazy_P. Congrats on passing the test.
  11. tnx buds!
  12. Let the countdown begin.. :grin:
  13. welcome, keep two wheels on the ground :evil: or was that all four legs on the ground :? idunno :rofl:

    welcome to NR
  14. keep the wheels down and the hopes up! and keep girls around