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New Kid on the netrider? - Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gesuz, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hey hows everyone going. Only just found out about netrider and lovin it. :)

    Currently on my Ls and been on them since start of Feb. Currently ride my first love Alicia ('92 Suzuki GSX250S Katana).

    In the burbs of east melb. me and my mate ride the yarra blvd once a weekish but are happy to go riding where ever. Give us a shout if you wish to join 2 Lplaters :p

  2. Welcome to NR :grin:

    enjoy :)
  3. Welcome to Netrider

    love the avatar :LOL:
  4. haha thanks for the welcome kitt and hornet .. yeah i decided to take a "artistic" photo of what i see every time i leave the house =D
  5. welcome bud :biker:
  6. Hey man,

    I'm down at SE Melbourne looking for some learners to join as well. Could probably join you guys when we're free?

    Riding a yellow wasp at the moment.
  7. ey mate for sure we should go for a ride sometime .. me and my mate are planing to go to one of the Tues night Lplater runs after exams are over .. should go together :grin:
  8. Oh yeah,

    I've got 3 exams to sit, just started studying for them. Got exam on 9th,11th and 26th. Most likely gonna go riding more after the exam on the 11th.

    Where abouts do you go?
  9. mm we normally ride around just randomly haha .. for the sake of riding .. and/or yarra blvd

    couple of days we rode with my mates friend he met randomly who had a ninja250 and we road around albert park and yarra blvd for a bit which was good
  10. Welcome to NR!!!
    Might catch you around Yarra Bld sometime, as i only live around the corner i always head up along there before i head off.
    Enjoy the ride!!
  11. Hey Gilesy thanks for the welcome .. ill say sorry now if i ever wake you up from your sleep rippin around the blvd at 3am in the morn ahah
  12. Ha ha Gesuz, ill just be happy your out around the Bld @ 3am... Watch out for the fog!!!!
  13. haha yeah the Fog does make it quite a challenge as well as the loose gravel little/no street lights AND my all time favorite - drivers driving in the opposite direction with high beams on =\
  14. i like it when women come past me with their high beams on :grin:
  15. *hi5* I'm new here and on my L's in Melbourne too
  16. welcome! always good to have mates take you for rides. I took my mate for a 100km ride the other day, with regular breaks. He loved it. good practice too, i like goin up along beach road, got light twisties for newbes. added a bit of sunglare for my mate too. i cant wait till exams finish too. but weather is starting to be a biatch...too cold. must hit the maccas to put on a layer of insulating fat
  17. haha yeah i find long rides alot more fulfilling.. weather is being a biatch atm quite the cold at night aswell ... and its funny you mention maccas.. because 100%(im being serious) of the times me and my mate go riding we end at maccas haha
  18. bloody biach when i dropped him off in the city, he had to go to uni. i got stuck in peak hour. clutch hand really sore after that. dont know how you city slickers do it, too scared to lane split, last time i was in city i get pulled over by under covers, lucky it was just a licence check. quite funny when you see this dark navy blue BMW with a fat guy wearing blue leathers and blue helmet. then hearing him yell "STOP RIGHT THERE" almost gave him the finger, till i noticed his badge.
  19. yeah i dont actually get around the city all that much ..its the suburbs for me .. but my friend does go through the city nearly everyday .. he says taxi drivers are the worst .. they just pull out without looking ...

    i just had a thought .. know what would be cool .. if copers had busas XD

    *edit* added pictures of alicia
  20. if they had busa;s how would we run away from them??? hahaha Loud pipe and the horn are useful for taxi drivers.