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New kid on the block

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LPCIII, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Well I guess I should start here and say hi to everyone out there,

    At the moment it is 2:15, I start work in less than 7 hours still it seems that sleep doesn't want to be on my side tonight.

    Ktulu told me about this forum, so I figure there is no better time to join than now.

    I have no idea what else to say, so any questions?


  2. hey welcome... Nice choice of bikes... Well I hope you got some sleep employers dont really like it to much when you turn up looking like a zombie crack addict from lack of sleep..
  3. Welcome LPCIII to the mad house :LOL:
  4. Welcome and hope you enjoy your stay at the asylum
  5. Yeah thanks guys, I can tell you though I am really looking forward to so nice big ride days in NSW. There is nothing better than seeing a dozen bike cruising in convoy. Ahhh.
  6. Welcome to the bestest forum going, LPCIII.
    That's an intersting mix of bikes you've got there :grin:
  7. Yeah well I can remember one day in year 9 at school I saw a fold out poster of the tri-colour CBR 250 RR and thought to myslef that it was a fantastic bike, so when time can to get my learner legal I though why not.

    As for the SP2, well all good things come to an end and unfortunately my CBR came to grief at the hands of my friend who borrowed it while I was O/seas. So it gave me and excuse to upgrade and ever since I saw an SP1 go through the Harbour Tunnel with a pair of Yoshi pipes I new that would be my next purchase.

    Oh but don't worry, the CBR still sits in the garage and is just waiting to be resurrected. :)
  8. Welcome to our world.. I trust you will enjoy the site.. :grin:
  9. I knew you'd come around eventually :D
  10. welcome fellow litrer, do you find it hard to idle around with all these fanging 2fifty's?

    kidding people, dont get all ruffled...

    again, welcome
  11. I also have seen the back of that SP2 more times than you've made 250 jokes in your life :p
  12. that was my first ever 250 joke i swear..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :oops:
  13. Welcome and you will enjoy this forum for sure.
  14. No questions, welcome to the forum!
  15. Hey, yeah the litre is great, the sound is the reason I bought it but as for the two five oh's I prefer riding with others than going on a solo effort. although as soon as they are unrestricted its more like, so when is the next purchase.