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New Kid On The Block

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kiss_the_future, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Like the title says im new. I was told about this site from a few members on the ozsportsbike forum.

    I've just recently purchased a bike...and of course all i seem to wanna do is ride, ride and ride some more. Would like to go riding with a few people though, u know make things a bit more fun.

    Im down in the south eastern suburbs of melbourne, so if anyone down this way wants an adrenalin rush, give me a buzz.
  2. Welcome KTF, glad you dropped in :) what bike have you bought?
  3. Hi mate, welcome to the forums.

    :D :D :D
  4. Hey KTF, I'm in South Melbourne, if you're up for a blast some time I could be up for it. Pm me.
  5. Im riding an Aprilia RS 125 Rossi Replica...learners bike.
  6. Potential for lots of fun with that bike, I reckon!

    Happy to hook up if you want to head out for a ride some time. I'm in Burwood - where are you?
  7. Im down in Cranbourne
  8. Welcome to the forums KTF, glad to have another stroker in the mix :D
  9. Welcome. I''m in Frankston, might see you out there one day..
  10. Hey hey. I try to hang around the mt dandenongs at least once a week (either monday, thursday or saturday) usually around 3.00pm. If you're down there, look out for the red kawasaki zzr250 ;p. You'll know it's me if you note that I don't have the big 'ZZR' stickers on my bike.
  11. Welcome KTF.. Im also in Cranbourne, always happy to go out for a ride :D :D :D :D :D
  12. Welcome aBoard KTF. Ride safe.
  13. Welcome KTF, I assume you may be joining the general rabble that appear for coffee on a Friday night. Great little bike you have got there as well.
  14. Hey KTF. Welcome to the forums. Hope to see you out and about... :)
  15. Will most definately be seeing most of you on a ride sometime in the future...be afraid, be very afraid
  16. afraid? of a 125? whatzitgunnado, bite my ankles?? bwahahahahahahahhaaa :LOL:

    sorrrry :oops: welcome to this site eh :wink:
  17. Welcome to the forum kiss. Good to hear you got a RS125 but there's no way I'm going to sit behind you on a ride :shock: :p :p I get enough smoke from the NSR as it is :roll:
  18. howdy KTF, nice little bike. you should come down to southbank tonight so I can check it out ;)
  19. Welcome :twisted:

    Stay safe and have fun

    Lisa :twisted:
  20. gidday and welcome
    to here...
    from your location..you know what an LS1 is???
    if you do, I am validated..... :shock: