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New kid on the block!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by TReynolds, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Hey guys Troy here, living in Gladesville, Sydney!

    Been riding for just under a year on my trusty 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R and loving it, besides the power that is heh

    Did Level 1 of my Superbike School a few weeks ago (Best day of my life) and am now a track addict.. How good is it!! Already planning on going halves with a friend for a track designated race bike to play with so we have our individual pride and joys to have on the weekend for social rides.

    Have to wait until next year for my full licence, turn 25 and own a full drivers licence, and can't wait to upgrade to a brand spanking Ducati 848Evo!

    Looking forward to meeting/riding with you soon!
  2. G'day TReynolds, welcome aboard.

    Nice signature - I like it.
  3. Welcome Troy

    Good move NOT using your transport as a track-day bike (y).
  4. Hey Troy :D

    Welcome! I turn 25 next year too, I'm so excited :D

    Good move on going halves with a mate for a trackie!
  5. Welcome,..=D>Troy to NR
    You have caught the bug....Stay safe mate.
  6. Hi Troy

    Welcome to Netrider. I think we met out at the track yesterday - I was there with my 848 evo and we had a chat.

    Won't be too long till you get your full licence - and maybe an 848 with it! I had a ball on it yesterday once the track dried out, although I completely disgraced myself in the first session as the track was very slimy and the supercorsas are just horrible in the wet. But once I started getting the feel of the brakes and the torque it was just magnificent, although I only had two sessions out there as it started to rain again. Still, it was enough for me to be booking in for my next day soon!

    I'm thinking of putting either diablo rosso corsas or dunlop sport smarts as the ride to and from the track in the rain was pretty dodgy. See ya round!
  7. lucky kids...gets to have fun out on the track.

    oh and welcome.
  8. Yep that was I!

    Only another 11 months... Not long at all... Plenty of time to save up a nice little kitty anyways for my 848...

    Yeah I wasn't impressed at all with your first session sorry to say! :p It did look very damp on the track, besides the straight which was starting to dry up a bit on the outside, would of done anything to get out and have a run though, still looked fun even with all the offs that I saw on turn 9 (My favourite corner).

    Heading to the Track May 17th if anyone else is booked in?
  9. welcome mate i did ec on the 26th it was a disaster. anyways im doin ec on the 16th miss you by a day.
  10. There was no way I was going to risk that bike (I love it to death) and those tyres have zero grip. I felt bad enough about my first session, but even worse when overtaken by the guy on the cruiser - how embarassing was that! I think I redeemed myself in subsequent sessions though - managed to stay in about the middle of the pack. Not that I'm competitive of course :LOL:
  11. G'day Troy and welcome aboard mate. Turning 25 ? Pfttt...all you younguns (y)
    Enjoy the forum mate.
  12. No I don't think any of us that ride on the track are competitive at all.. haha

    I'm not that young Nickers... Otherwise I'd still have a shot at being picked up for Ducati next season to replace Rossi! :bannanabutt:
  13. Competitive? Us? On a race track? Dressed in leather, after spending beer-&-hookers money to be there? What gave you a silly idea like that?