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New Kid on the Block (MLB)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by billybanter67, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Nah not a kid really but I am new here.

    My name is Richo and this site looks great, plenty of interesting things to read.

    I have too many bikes as my wife says, a bit of a sucker for the V Twin Honda road bikes as I have a couple of SP1's and a Firestorm. One of the SP's is a stocker and was previously owned by a 70 year old guy. The other one I call "Bling" because if you can unbolt it the previous owner changed it. He did a great job on that bike and I enjoy riding it. The Firestorm looked boring blue so I painted up a spare set of bolt ons and painted it red and black like the SP1 and made up some yellow stickers changing the model name from Frirestorm to the US style of Super Hawk. I also have a 125 @ scooter which is good to keep at work and scoot around when I quickly need to go some where. Yes, it's gonna get painted, not sure what but it looks like it needs some attention.

    On the dirt I have a 07 WR450 with a 15.5 ltr tank which is a great bike, never any problems and have done a few week long trips in the high country.

  2. Welcome in Richo
  3. Welcome! You'll have to come on some rides and show those pretty paint jobs off!
  4. Show off with all the bikes.
    You have a very understanding wife!
  5. LOL, the way I look at it that all those bikes cost less than 1 brand new Ducati so I reckon that's a better deal. That's the way I sold the idea to the finance minister anyway.
  6. LMAO @ "finance minister" haha. Welcome to the forums, I'm pretty new as well.
  7. Welcome to the forums, see you round on a ride and like the looks of "Bling".
  8. Hi Richo - welcome to the forums.

    heheh ... sounds like you have one for every occasion and that the Bling puts some spring in your step. :D


  9. Welcome Richo

  10. G'day mate and welcome (y)