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New Kawaka ZX14 08 SE (pics added end of page 1)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oz_johnno, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. This follows on from the 'sold my soul to GE money' thread.

    Picked up the bike yesterday arvo just after lunch. Took it down to show the missus, then went for a rider through the dandenongs with 'the colonal' (my father in law, he has a white goatee and a mo and it makes him look like the guy on the chicken bucket) on his BMW K1100 (which is painted dark green, not red and white.

    I reckon it took me a good 2 hours to stop grinning. While I havent ridden a lot of new models out there, It the ZX14 is by far the best all round bike I have ridden.

    Its easy to ride in traffic, insanely powerful (popped an accidental mono on the way to 6000 rpm) and damn good fun to ride in the twisties.

    The steering on it is quick without being twitchy, it easily changes line in a corner without fuss and while it is a big bike physically, it doesnt feel like it in a corner. Ok its probably not as quick through a set of bends as a sports bike, but at the same time, it wont leave your back and your wrists sore after a couple of hundred km.

    Over all its an excellent compromise with a little bit of comfort and a lot of sportiness.

    The bike has a a real prescence on the road and has a feel that left this rider feeling confidence in the way the bike was going to respond. So much so that on a new bike on new tyres, I came back to the kawasaki dealership after a 100km ride with only about 15mm of chicken strip either side of the battlax 190 rear tyre.

    Its an awesome bike. The dealer guy saw the grin on my face, he asked how it went, but he already knew the answer. He told me that he has never had a ZX14 go out on a test ride and the guy come back and say he didnt like it.

    Im stoked and looking fwd to the 1000's of km to come.

  2. Enjoy the beast :twisted:
  3. Bloody Kawasakis! You could have at least bought a bike with some grunt dude!!!

    jk. Nice one. Theyre an awesome bike!
  4. So you managed to keep up with the BMW I guess?

    Only kidding.

    Enjoy to the max ...

    Stay safe.
  5. thanks guys,
    I will be getting some pics done tomorrow and promise to post as soon as I have them

  6. Re: picked up bike last night..... New Kawaka ZX14 08 SE

    :eek: an accidental mono - now that would scare the shiit out of me :p
    Can't wait to see pics - can tell there is no regret about selling of one's soul now :LOL:
  7. An accidental mono is very disconcerting.

    I did one the other day taking off from a set of lights, completely unintentional. There was a bit of a rise at the end of the intersection that I didn't allow for. There I am leaning into the acceleration and then all of a sudden I'm standing up thinking 'this isn't exactly what I planned' ... let it down slowly and continue.

    Of course the ZX14 would have an easier time getting up.

    But a 250kg bike isn't really the thing to be lifting up like that.
  8. I hope you got a good price, saw one at the dealer the other day for $4300 off.

    I almost traded my zed in then and there
  9. Yeah I got a great price,
    The special edition model has a list price of $18700 + ORC I got mine for $15K.

    Yeah I got it on the never never BUT even including the finance, its only going to cost me $2500 above list over 5 years.

    Im planning to have it paid off in 2 years though, so should save even more.

    I rode it today up at the spur, with the missus and 'the colonal'. Heaps of bark and stuff all over the road (storms I guess).

    Got pulled over by plod too, though he only wanted to check out our licences.

    Pics will be sent to me tomorrow so hang on folks, they are cumming.

    Speaking of which, the bike was running so well I got wood and nearly dented the tank (note to self, buy tank protector tomorrow).

  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Sounds like a weapon, can't wait to see some pics

  11. I'm just a learner so the mono you're talking about would scare the sh^t out of me and I'd probably bust the front wheel off dropping it so hard. I don't think the GS500 would be able to pop the front wheel even if my 100kg wasn't holding it down. I dream of getting a bike like that one day though.

    At the risk of missing a joke and sounding stupid :oops: ; colonel's got an e not an a. If you meant it then don't mind me.
  12. Are you sure its powerful enough though mate?

    It only has 160 hp.
  13. Congrats Johnny !!!!
    NOW ... where are those pics? :evil:
  14. I'll post on husband's behalf. After all, instead of being able to show off my new pavers in our patio area, I only have his bike to show off!!! :)


  15. ive been eying off the X14 special ed. but keep figuring it just looks like too much bike (if there is such a thing). physical Size wise I mean (not engine capacity). maybe I should start looking at it more seriously.
  16. will ya shut up about those freakin pavers woman !!!

    They will be delivered and installed b4 christmas as promised

    geeeezzzz assss :grin:

    Robbied, you have it confused with one of those piss ant R1's. This bad boy has 190bhp, 200 if you count the wizz bang kawasaki ram air thingy that only works just b4 the redline.

  17. Looks Great !!
  18. Thanks Vinnie,
    Im lovin it. Im as happy as a dog with 2 d(i)cks

  19. BUMP (pics added)