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Featured New Kawa Ninja 300 Special Edition "Huntsman"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chillibutton, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Pleased to announce a brand new and extremely limited edition of the standard Kawasaki Ninja 300 called the "Huntsman".

    While appearing identical in all physical and mechanical aspects to the standard Ninja 300, the Huntsman Edition comes complete with large adult Huntsman spider which appears at random positions on the bike whilst in motion. It appears the random generator prefers the cockpit area in particular. Once bike has been pulled to a stop (rapidly) the Huntsman spider magically disappears and cannot be located for love nor money.

    Tester noted that this Huntsman Edition was equipped with ABS brakes which was probably a good thing!

    Tester also noted that is takes a good deal of persuasion to get tester's wife to get back on the Huntsman Edition and ride it the 50km back home from Healesville where the special edition was unveiled! (She is too short to ride mine so it was lump it or leave it lol).

    Question for NR members - anyone else ridden a similar special edition? Funnily enough the same thing happened to me 25 odd years ago - big, fat african huntsman look-alike decided to have a dance in my cockpit!! See emergency stop!

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  2. If it were half as good as a certain other on here, I'd be ecstatic.
  3. Standard operating procedure (you'll find it here if you search hard enough):
    - wait until the huntsman appears while riding along,
    - flick it into the nearest convertible cage
    - watch the fun :)
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  4. Oooh - nasty!
  5. Even better makes sure you flick said gorgeous creature into a car full or britz-type camper full of recently descended backpackers! Eeeeee har!
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  6. Mrs Chillibutton needs my bitey stick...I fight with orbs around my way...:smug:
  7. There you go getting all sexed up again Oldmaid. Tell us more about these "orbs" of yours :whistle:
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  8. I like Greg my bike spider keeps all the other bugs away. And from he's web under the windsheild probly does a good job of keeping sticky hands off my bike. Everyone should get one.
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  9. Ahh chillibuttonchillibutton my orbs they defy description, especially in mixed company...to some they may be a thing of great beauty and to others a thing of distaste- that remains the judgement of the eye of the beholder.
    they tuck up really really tightly then majestically spring to life and wobble around like an old station drunk- oh whoops sorry that's my orbs ..now the arachnid orbs, I posted about my encounter with a very large one of these mothers who hitchhiked in my helmet visor some time ago I still battle them with my stick on a near daily basis...
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  10. Yes, once on a naked bike wearing an open faced helmet; a very large, hairy, fearsome spider just appeared on the speedo dial. It was fighting the wind to hang on and I freaked out thinking it would get blown onto my face and rush under the helmet or down my shirt. Pulled to the side and stepped of the bike as soon as it slowed enough and ran off screaming. Brought it to the mechanic immediately after with some made up fault so he'd have to take off enough bits to face the spider if was still there.
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  11. Yup, hit these things mountain biking in QLD. My rule - never be in front!
  12. The spider webs on my bike are the only thing holding it together.
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  13. Righto, time to buy a new one then!
  14. I had an SV650S Huntsman Special Edition once. He crawled out through the instrument panel and ran about like crazy about an hour into my ride. I bailed and left the whole bike at the local cafe and took alternative transport home. Please, never again!:nailbiting:
  15. LOL I hear you - that's exactly what my wife wanted to do!
  16. Nah,

    Stop at lights, tick it on your visor and run around the camper screaming that your face is melting.
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  17. You just need to park it near a wasps' nest.
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  18. Spiders love getting their knee down like anybody else. Observe -
    Also, I know none of you people. Stop talking about me.
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