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New Kawa 250 confirmed!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rye, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    I was at my local Kawasaki dealer today and they confirmed the new 250. The first shipment is due in Jan and they are now taking orders. They gave me a price of $6,490 plus onroads. Which is only 500 bucks more than the outgoing GPX250.

    I'm very happy to learn that they have priced the new bike competitively!

    Now I have to decide if I'm stilling going ahead with purchasing a second hand naked 250 to learn on or hold of until jan for the new bike.....

    Its very tempting.
  2. 2 or 3 months away? I'd get the second hand bike and forget about it. In 12 months you will be wanting to sell anyways.
  3. Interesting, with that price tag it could easily mean the end of the over-inflated prices on 4-cylinder 250s - given that the new Kwaka supposedly produces just as much power. I reckon go for a used bike now rather than miss most of the good summer riding weather, least that way you're not stuck with a new model bike that may not have had all the bugs worked out yet (warranty doesn't mean much when it's a perfect day for a ride but your bike's stuck at the mechanics).
  4. :-k, fark, I was going to say if you can wait and afford to buy a completely new bike that you really wanna be on, then do it... but JD's swung me around. :-k

    He's made a good point.

    ...then at least you'll be a few months closer to getting a bigger bore bike that you reallllyy wanna be on. I'd rather spend my money on a new bike that I was going to have for a long time...

    Meh! You could be loaded and it doesn't matter...!

    Over to you :)
  5. Huh? No, it doesn't.
  6. I was going from this article. 45hp is definitely more than most 4-cylinder 250s, and in fact even the restricted 33hp wouldn't be that much worse than what many well-thrashed 4-cylinder 250s would actually be producing now ;).
  7. OK, go by the article which bases its information on the first spy photo of it if you like :p

    Check out the new info and a cool pic

    * Maximum power : 32PS (31.56 hp) at 11,000rpm (USA AND CANADA)
    * Maximum power : 30PS (29.59 hp) at 10,500rpm (EUROPE Model)
    * Maximum torque: 21.7Nm (16 ftlb) at 10,000rpm (USA AND CANADA)
    * Maximum torque: 21.0Nm (15.5 ftlb) at 8,500rpm (EUROPE Model)
  8. Its all about the sound of the 4cyl anyway. Hopefully it will drop the prices of the 4cyls a bit tho.
  9. I couldn't agree more with the over inflated grey makert for 250s. I had my heart set on a CBR250RR but at 5k-7k, I started to have second thoughts.

    I'm leaning more towards getting a second hand bike and get riding straight away. Even if they advised a shipment of 1st week of Jan, delays always happen!

    I can't wait to see the bike in the flesh though...
  10. And you know? (not)
  11. Specs have been released by kawa.

  12. I have a feeling this bike is gonna put a rather large dent in Hyosungs 250cc learner bike sales.

    No way in hell I would buy a Hyo over the Kwaka 250. (The new one of course) I got nothing against Hyosungs, for what they are theyre a great beginners bike. But I would sure as hell have bought this bike over they Hyo if it was around back then.
  13. Well he raises a good point, but the bike is essentially the same gpx250, just looking prettier. IIRC its the exact same engine with different cam profiles, same carbies, so its not like you are going to have catastophic engine failure or the bike falling apart randomly. IMO its like saying "I'm not going to buy the new cbr600rr yet because they drastically changed the look and feel of the bike". The changes to the cbr did change the bike, but it wasn't like they completely made the bike from scratch.

    BTW not saying it won't have any problems either, will have to wait till it comes out.
  14. I believe there is also a FI version? It will be interesting to see which countries get which.

    Edit: Maybe not... :?
  15. Who believes horsepower at the brochure? You never know for sure till you see them on the dyno.
  16. I'm not saying the new Ninja is any faster or slower than the GPX/ZZR, I hope it has less top-end because I think the GPX/ZZR always needed more midrange. Remembering that engine power bands generally work on the 'rob peter to pay paul' principle.

    What I am saying is that no one can say what is fact yet.
  17. Yeah thats my point. They've released it to be 30-35hp, so thats the max, it'd probably be less.
  18. My point is, you don't know how the new bike is going to stack up against what is out there, midrange, top end or peak horses, so I think it more sensible to wait until it is out and tested before we shoot our mouth off.
  19. am i the only one that thinks they have positioned the handlebars funny on this bike?

    i was set to buy this bike until i realised (and subsequently can't get over) how far back the handlebars are.. its pretty far back for a sports back... makes u sit up straight instead of in the leaning forward position

    i dono.. just looks funny, i mean, check out the pics of it being ridden.
  20. Its not a fkn sportsbike! Same seating position as zzr/gpx - good for an allrounder.