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New k6 gsxr1000

Discussion in 'Sports' started by basejumper, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Picked up a new road/track bike during the week.
    K6 gsxr 1000
    25000 Klms
    Got it for $4000
    Both side fairings were scratched so I'm ordering new ones. New oem fairings from Suzuki are only $285 per side which sounds pretty cheap to me. My mate says he can get dealer prices for me.
    Went for a spin and was surprised at the midrange this things got.
    It has a m4 slip on but my mate tells me it's got a full titanium system worth 2.5k. Happy days.
    Changed the oil which looked really nice.
    Looking forward to getting it Regoed and smashing the straight at the creek and see what it can do.
    Loved the way the engine pulls from 4 grand. Instant power all the time.


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  2. That's a lot of bike for $4K Bj, nice one.
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  3. They were the worst looking GSXRs in history, but 998cc of Jap i4 is still going to be a stonker. Great pickup!

    Especially with the exhaust - have you had a look under the seat for the Power Commander? Will magnify the benefits of the pipes, especially through the midrange.
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  4. Awesome.
    Those fairings seem cheap! So how much would they cost if you don't have a mate at the dealership.
  5. good stuff mate, always loved the gixxer thou, have never had one but always wanted once since the '05 came out. think it would be a tad uncomfortable now for an old fart like me.
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  6. Couldn't find anything under the seat. That price of $285 was the quote I got ringing up Gosford Suzuki cold. I confirmed with him that it was definitely the entire side fairing. Jeff says he can get dealer prices off his contacts which should be cheaper. Bonus
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  7. I have a K6 600, and I honestly don't understand the hate. If you believed everything that was written, you'd require shares in an eye-bleach company to own one.
    Sure, there are bikes out there more interesting to look at, but fcuk, it's a motorcycle. I'd rather look out my window to see one of these in the driveway than a Camry.
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  8. Personally I love the look of this model GSXR, won't be able to see the front anyways after a quick jolt to the bars and firm snap of the throttle :p
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  9. I dont know dude....lol 2016-06-14-13-55-22-1316304878.
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  10. the k5-k6 was the start of the new face lifted look. i reckon looks the best.

    I recently got a k5 with rego around 35,000 kms for $4,400, i reck you got a pretty sweet deal.

    It's a hell of a lot of bike for the price.
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  11. I wish you could 'LIKE' and 'AGREE" for posts. I'd have one for that money in a heartbeat, don't get me wrong!
  12. A lot of bike for the money man there really is no better bike but I'm a little biased I had a K4 litre bike now a K9 if I had all the money in the world id have lots of bikes in my garage but a Gixxer would still be one of them !!!
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  13. Great pickup, I reckon the K6 is the one I'd go for if I were in the market for a second hand gsxr (mental performance and good looks) and that is a great price.
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