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new joke 44: The Magic Penis

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Jeffco, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. A businessman was preparing to go on a long business trip, and he was worried about his wife being alone and maybe fooling around whilst he was gone, so he decided he would buy his wife a little gift to help keep herself amused.
    So he went to a sex shop and explained his situation. The man there said, ' Well, I don't know that I have anything that will keep her occupied for so many weeks, except... The Magic Penis!'

    The husband said, 'The what'?

    The man repeated, 'The Magic Penis,' and pulled out what seemed to be an ordinary dildo.

    The husband laughed, and said, 'It looks like a dildo!'

    The man then pointed to the door and said, ' Magic Penis, door!'

    The penis rose out of its box, darted over to the door and started pounding away at the keyhole. The whole door shook wildly with vibrations, so much so, that a crack began to form down the middle.
    Then the man said, 'Magic Penis, return to box!' and the penis stopped and returned to the box.

    The husband bought it and took it home to his wife.

    After the husband had been gone a few days, the wife remembered the Magic Penis. She undressed, opened the box and said 'Magic Penis, my vagina.'

    The penis shot to her crotch. It was absolutely incredible. After three mind shattering orgasms, she became very exhausted and decided she'd had enough. She tried to pull it out, but it was stuck. Her husband had neglected to tell her how to turn it off so she put herclothes on, got in her car and started for the closest hospital.

    On the way, another incredibly intense orgasm made her swerve all over the road. A Police Officer saw this and immediately pulled her over. He asked for her license, and then asked how much she'd had to drink.

    Gasping and twitching, the woman said, 'I haven't had anything to drink officer. You see, I've got this Magic Penis thing stuck in my crotch and it won't stop screwing me.'

    The officer looked at her for a second, shook his head and replied,'Yeah right... Magic Penis, my arse...!!!!!!!!!!'

    The rest, as they say, is history...
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