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New joke 32: Rolf Harris

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Jeffco, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. I was shopping at

    Bunning's Hardware The other day

    When I bumped into the

    ‘Legendary Entertainer’

    Rolf Harris.

    I was so excited I said to him,

    "I remember you doing Two Little Boys in 1970".

    He said ....

    fu@k off! You bastard That was Gary Glitter.
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  2. Rolf gave up being an Aussie several decades ago cos he thought his interests were best served in the UK. Now he's been charged with ugly offences all of a sudden he's an Aussie again.
    Bit like Rupert Murdoch who gave up being an Aussie to become a yank, now he's only an Aussie when it serves his interests.
    Good joke, though I'd hate to think they have got this wrong and the guy is innocent.
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  3. never liked him.
    still don't.
  4. It's not really Harris is still an Australian Citizen, Murdoch is not.
  5. He thought his interests would be better served there cause he heard the age if consent was 12..... Turns out it wasn't low enough
  6. There's a difference between having citizenship and being an Aussie but I can't be farked explaining that to you.
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    Is there now, and that would be from the land of made up stuff.

    He's as Australian as you are and probably more than I am. What you are isn't changed by where you live.

    Australia lost a generation of truly clever people through exactly that attitude.

    Murdoch on the other hand gave up his citizenship to own a news paper if I remember correctly or was it a TV station.
  8. Whatever you thinks fair cobber.
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  9. No, please explain it.....I'm interested to know what the difference is....
  10. There are literally thousands of people who hold Australian citizenship who don't and have no plans to live in this country. Many of them have dual citizenship and if you ask them where they are from the answer will often depend on what they see as being in their best interest.
    On the other hand an "Aussie" will only ever give you one answer, Australia mate, regardless of whether they live overseas because of work or family.
    I put Harris and Murdoch in the former group, but hey that's only my opinion, I just didn't feel the need to have to explain myself. Seeing you asked so nicely @b12mick,I have. Agree, disagree, makes no difference and I have no intention of debating it.
  11. So Mark Webber... 16 years UK resident.

    Aussie or not?
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    I get you. My dad was always considered himself and Yorkshire born Australian.

    If anyone asks me where I'm from I always say Geelong, even though I was born in Horseforth Yorkshire, and only really live in the Geelong area for 10 years.
  13. where does he say he's from?
  14. He say's Australian but so do Murdoch and Harris, whilst sounding strangely South African.

    The thing that being from somewhere else teaches is that most of the things that people see as being specifically from one place aren't....
  15. What Vegemite isn't specifically from Australia?
  16. Is it not a kiwi copy of a pommie product...
  17. Ask him. My opinion, Aussie. I'm a fifth generation Aussie and an old fart so I'm biased, don't expect any more in depth or enlightened analysis of this topic from me.
  18. Generally speaking, I have to say that it's way to easy for some nutbag sheila to accuse you of some hideous things.
    Let's wait for the trial before we start the tar and feathering.
  19. But that's not NetRider way.
    One half arsed article from a tabloid newspaper is enough send someone to the gallows.
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  20. hmmm I'm sure you had some sort of joke in mind there, but from my understanding the girl accusing Harris was 15 at the time, so just below the age of consent.

    I don't think that's quite the same crime as fiddling with 8 year old boys.