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New job!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ksystemz, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Got asked to start monday at http://www.aitkens.com.au motorbike shop! more my computer skills got me the job tho cant wait ! now this will improve my knowlage of bikes a hell of a lot more

  2. Well done, what a cool job! :grin:
  3. Jeez, matti, that was quick! Congrats, and I can see you getting round on a new Hyosung sooner rather than later. Avoid those Chinese bikes, though they look really dodgy.....
  4. That's cool, I think I will be starting work at a motorbike shop to, gonna find out for sure on Monday. :grin:

    What computer skills helped you get the job? What will you be doing?
  5. Hey K, if you don't work out, give me a yell and I might apply for the next round. Just envious, good luck.
  6. there still hiring lol give em a buzz , im doing there website and pc work fixing and such . this was a jrn position but there looking for senior sales people he said
  7. nar paul they have this nice aprilla 125cc casey replica limited edition 10k
  8. Good taste - nice scoot

    See if you can borrow it and bring it to HBB on Tuesday :cool:
  9. Whats their employee discount program, wouldn't mind a Aprilia Pegaso, or one of those big moto cruisers.

    Wonder if I could work there for a fortnight get a big discount and then go home.
  10. I work in a bike shop too :grin:

    Unfortunately there isn't much profit in new bikes, so don't expect a 'huge' discount :(
  11. i wanted a zeal paul they seem nice but need a 250ty
  12. heh, a guy reckons triumph oz make $4K for each bike sold (in his theory). Wish I knew exact/very close amounts they made to either set him right or set myself right in thought as I think they don't make 'that much' myself?
  13. Maybe if sold through Peter Stevens? Then they get wholesale and retail margin as they are both the importer and the retailer.
  14. From what I've seen of bike shops, I'd say their main income stream is parts, accesories and servicing.
    Kind of like Airbus, sell teh planes at cost, and get the servicing contract/ sell way overpeiced spares as your income stream.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. hmmmm, Guzzi Griso !

    well done Matti !
  16. Well done Matti, life seems to be getting better for ya see what happens when you get a bike/scooter :grin:

    cheers matti
  17. Sweeeeet!