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New job = ++++ travel & work

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Ok so I'm 3 weeks into the new job, and its shaping up to be both rewarding and challenging [ once we can sort out my pay rate :wink: ]

    I do get full use of the service van 24/7.... nice 04mod Ford transit [ turbo diesel ] which handles and go better than I thought it would on those long outback roads :wink:

    It seems that up this way and out west that there has been no one to service or repair forklifts etc for some time, and the more we are been seen the more work were getting!

    Take this week for an example : Leave Monday for 1 service in Armidale and two in Glen Innes ...... an easy one day away NOT :LOL:

    The Armidale service needs just alittle more work, full set of carrage and mast bearings ............. order parts and head for Glen Innes, with "i'll be back tmw morning when the parts arrive" [ yeah right :roll: ]

    Glen Innes service No 1 ... no probs in good nick :)
    Service No2 no so good, fork not been looked at for 4 years so service not done and a quote put in for alot of repairs 80% being major safety issues ie: the lift chains are almost ready to break ! :shock:
    22k of work needed to make it all safe and OHS compliant.

    Phone call, to look at another fork across the road ..... saw my van out the front........... 1x service and repairs [ hub seals and bearings ]

    So it's now Wed and I'm still in Glen Innes, Boss calls... breakdowns in Inverell and Goondahwindi.... all good finish up Thurs midday ... Nope ..... Breakdown in Narrabri ... got that one fixed by 5.30
    Now head back to Armidale to finish the job I started on Monday. I stop In Tamworth for the night, just about to leave yesterday morning, when that bloody phone rang again...... can you go around to TNT and see what parts their fork needs ! Easy 3x forklifts all basic services :) but not for a few weeks :cool:

    So NOW I can go back to Armidale and finish that job! Woo Hoo :LOL:

    Get home @ 5.30 last night and am so stuffed I even give Nadeen a knockback for a "cuddle" :shock: :LOL:

    So I'm guessing for the next few months this is going to be the norm till word gets around and we can start to organise set runs

    Not a bad weeks work.... 8 jobs with more work needed on 3 of them
    and roughly 1500ks

    Now to go find Nadeen and see if she is still keen :bannanabutt: :rofl:

    Edit * Only just got of the phone with the boss ..... better bring your bag with you on Monday......... your off to Lighting Ridge on Monday !!! :shock:
  2. FAN-tastic, there's nothing in the world better than being in demand and having customers chasing YOU!! Good one, Bob!
  3. You're being paid a lot, just to drive big Kms.
  4. Laughed my arse off - specially with the make-up nookie. Maybe you'll be running on credits matey!