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New Jardine GP-1's on my GSXR 1000

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Carpe Diem, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Thougth id just post up a few pics of my new Jardine GP-1's on my 2009 GSXR 1000. For any one who is interested. New Pipes2. New Pipe.

    Pipes are extremely easy to fit, except for that little bugger of a bolt in the middle for someone with big hands.
    I havent put the baffles in and the sound isnt to loud at all (like some posts ive read). No louder than my mates CBR 1000 with an underseat Akra.
    Quite happy with the purchase, even haggled the guy on Ebay to get another $50 off the buy now price.
    main reason to get these was to get rid of the massive stock pipes.
    All in all good purchase if anyone is contemplating them.

    The Loudest point of the Pipes is while at Idle or 10,000 RPM or higher (but lets be honest any bikes screaming then)

    Hope you like and if you have any question ask away :)
  2. i always thought you got pinged by the cops instantly for these ,
  3. dear god tell me they are legal i want to ditch the pipes for this common im dying
  4. Past a cop yesterday and sat next to him at the lights, And nothing he only looked over my way. Probably more so admiring the bike.

    As for being legal, I couldnt say if they are or are not. Any custom pipe is un roadworthy if you go by the rule. But being that the catalytic convertor stays in place there is really no reason for this to fall into that category. For the Price i paid i was willing to see what happens. But if you compare the sound to that of a Harley with custom pipes its no where near as loud. And i havent even got hte baffles in.

    Hope this helps
  5. No baffles in means it is illegal now. Read something with respect to that the other day and specific mention was mad of removed baffles.
  6. Hi Mate, Where did you read that id like to have a read. Just so i know where i stand. As for Illegal, nothing is illegal just unroadworthy. There not goin to lock me up for my exhaust but maybe put me of the road. But if you can remember where you read that, be great cheers :)
  7. EPA regs somewhere. Will look through my history when on the laptop at home. Same doc made mention of it being illegal to even stuff the pipe temporarily.
    Some often take the baffle out of a ZR like mine and it does FA except make it a bit deeper. Same with cutting off the hot box but I wouldn't know about that sincere mine rusted out, fell off and is magically fixed now.
  8. Found it again here:
    " Clause 18 of the Regulation also makes it an offence if a vehicle's noise control equipment is not securely in place or is removed and not replaced. This means exhaust system components (such as mufflers and baffles) and engine equipment (such as air filters) must be properly fixed in place and not be missing."

    Rest is a bit iffy:
    " Exhaust systems
    Listen to the exhaust system when buying a vehicle. If the vehicle sounds noisier than unmodified vehicles of the same make and model, the exhaust system may have been altered. If in doubt, make inquiries. The system should be replaced with a quieter system when, for example:
    the exhaust system has been replaced with an excessively loud system such as a sports system, or
    the baffles have been altered or removed from the muffler so the vehicle is noisier.
    Get the noise level checked by a licensed muffler repairer. Remember that more noise does not mean more power but it does mean more annoyance, which could result in you being fined.
    When your noise control system is being repaired or modified you could ask for a statement in writing from the repairer that the repaired or modified system complies with the Regulation.
    The Regulation also makes it an offence to use temporary noise reduction devices or packing in vehicle exhausts. This includes items such as baffles in the exhaust system that have not been welded/riveted in place, or items that are adjustable such as valves, or materials introduced into the exhaust system, such as steel wool. These items must not be used to defeat a noise test.
    However a defence is provided for any:
    vehicle that, at the time of manufacture, had items such as baffles that were not welded or riveted in place or an adjustable device in the exhaust system, or a replacement that is equivalent to that fitted by the manufacturer
    motorcycle that has items such as baffles that are bolted or otherwise securely fastened in place."
  9. Cheers, I will have a read, The rules and regs are most likely the same for VIC as they are for NSW. But as i made the purchase i will take my chances till they do pull me up and tell me that there not exceptable.
  10. they look shit hot.

    as for legalities or rw or whatever, seriously who gives a a fcuk.
    at least it sounds like a gixxer now.
    at least the traffic knows you're around and someone might think twice about switching lanes into you without indicating.
    my system is not stock and i get passed by cops all the time. but i'm usually going to work or back and they don't make a habbit of harrassing hardworking honest citizens.
    you might get pinged for it on a leisurely sunday cruise, because apparently we're all out to butcher fluffy kittens on the weekends. but if they don't ping you for your pipes it will just as easilly be something else they do you for.
    fender, helmet sticker, tinted visor, reflector, tyres, rego placement, noise test, etc etc.
    if they've been told to get bikes of the road then they can find a way for anyone.
    summer is comming and so are the blitzes to get our numbers down.
    fcuk em. rock the pipes and just try to stay lucky and keep clear of them.
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  11. hahah thanks mate. Will do. There too sweet looking and sounding to not try my luck. And to tell you the truth the bike feels like it breathes better and definitely notice the weight difference, especially into corners
  12. it's better for the engine. they are too restricted with half the crap they come with new just to meet emission levels.
    it's a gixxer not a sewing machine.
    you need a high flow air filter and a power commander. then get it over to Dean at dynoverks and let him do his magic.

    and make sure to do a few runs through the tunnels on eastlink, one gear too low. and rev the shit out of it at servos.
    haters gonna hate anyway. so fcuk em. be a proud gixxer hoon.
  13. hahaha true. But I only take my bike to Ghost Rider Motorcycles in Hoppers Crossing. Will be putting a PCV with autotune and a high flow filter on very soon. Then throwing it on in Dyno just to see what figures it pulls.
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  14. myGSXR.

    Just wanted to give an update on my Jardine GP-1's. Had them on for almost 2 weeks now. Have have not one issue with the Police. I even led the Toy Run Ride from Werribee to Calder (with Police escort) not a mention.
    The bike rides better, feels like it breath's so much better. Very happy with the purchase.
    As for noise level, it is quite comparable to any custom exhaust. At highway speed in 3rd it actually hums quietly.
    So for anyone thinking about these pipes and has concerns. Dont be. There relatively cheap. Look and sound great.
  15. are there four pipes, two on each side or two pipes on the one side?

    would look insane if it was 4 into 4, i saw (heard) a gixr go past me with these pipes on it, sadly right into the hands of a coppers waiting just up the road (tried my best to get him to pull off the road as i knew his exhaust was going to get him done, but i was in the cage so he obviously didnt realise)

    was awsome though, hopefully the guy in my story did alright, saw the copper pointing at them when i drove past the pair moments later.
  16. Yeah there just the two pipes on the one side, straight of the original ports off the Cat, Havent had an issue with the Police here in Vic in regards to them. But i probably havent past a Cop with a chip on his shoulder.
  17. Yeah this guy sounded like his was decat'd it was one of the loudest bikes ive ever heard!

    I never have an issue with my pipe, its all about the attitude test...and hitting the kill switch early!
  18. Yeah Ive heard that once you remove the Cat and go the straight through option its alot louder, I past a K7 the other day, his was alot louder than mine. On closer inspection he had no Cat. It was too loud. Couldnt hear mine at all next to his.
  19. Have ghost riders got a Dyno?
  20. Amen brother.