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New it was going to happen

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by soozie, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Well the weather forecast predicted a few showers, so the decision was still made to go ahead on my first big ride and I got absolutely dumped on the whole trip.

    Lucky jphanna was following me in the car and changed out of my soaking wet pants at the 3 quarter mark and handed them over to him where he rode the rest of the way...

    Now we are resting in a friends shack off the Murray 120 km's from home and my fingers are back to the pink colour they should be instead of purple.

    Happy to report the GV250 didn't miss a beat even in the soaking rain.
  2. Someone needs heated grips and some wet weather gear....

    It happens.. We all get wet occasionally, despite some of the best laid plans.

    And some of us don't give a shit and ride no matter what the weather.

    And why wasn't jphanna riding his own bike, pray tell???....hmm???? (damn, can't find that shit stirring emoticon)
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  3. I love to see riders just get out there and face it down. One learns a lot about riding, but also a lot about themselves, by having to push their boundaries.
    Kudos to you. :)
  4. So now we know who wears the pants in that team - they share them!
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  5. Simple.......we are staying overnight, and the car i am driving has the supplies. tomorrow on way home, she will ride until she decides she is too cold, too wet......etc etc.
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  6. Failed spelling too.......lol

    didn't mind one little bit being out in it and would have keep riding except felt like the fingers had frost bite :)
  7. A big part of staying safe, is personal comfort.
    It's a lot more difficult to remain mentally focussed and physically awake when you are suffering from the cold or heat.
    Takes a cool head to say that's enough.
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  8. Go the heated grips soozie - saved my hands a few times in single digit (and minus digit) temps. I've also gone the completely soft option of a heated vest - haven't tried it yet though. Good on you for having a go (y)
  9. +1 get heated grips..

    but I love the idea of the man driving the 'chase car' for you, that's cool (y).
  10. Funny thing is,

    Now you understand how much fun it can be, even when conditions are shite.

    Many times i have been the one grinning in traffic, even whilst sopping wet, chilled to the bone. People in cages have the grumps, not the riders.

    Persevere with caution, proceed at a pace you can live with, and the miles will tick away, and the grin stays longer and longer.

    Just get out there.
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  11. Got to agree with Raven on this Soozie, common sense should always prevail. Glad to hear your Hyo behaved herself.
  12. We had an opportunity to stay at a cabin in a beautiful spot along the Murray and we wanted to get our first big ride with the GV250 under our belt before the first service which is booked for 8 am tomorrow.

    So bad weather or not we were determined to do it. Luckily on the way back it was blue skys and a magical ride.
  13. its also important that a learner gets a taste of mixed weather as its inevitable that you WILL get caught one day. if every learner just rode in 25 degrees and sunny, then they would be in for rude shock when the weather turned.

    soozie did very well in the rain yesterday......although today in blue skies, she crossed the double white lines a few times in the middle of critical corners!! need to nip that habit in the bud asap.

  14. and you don't while in the car Mr Hanna?......
  15. And take the gopro with you.
  16. Absolutely. My point was only referring to physical discomfort in hot or cold conditions.

    New riders must make a point of riding in most conditions, so when it happens they are prepared, just as you say mate. :)
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  17. Well don't know if its just because I'm new to it all however I don't mind riding in the rain one bit, would put a stop to hail....
    I'm liking the idea of heated handle bars as cold hands were the only thing that bothered me.
  18. I had my first big(ish) trip in the wet the weekend before last...
    I rode from orange to sydney on my little VTR250, where it was lightly raining until about bathurst or lithgow and was VERY cold. I was under-dressed for the conditions and for a brief moment (forgive me for this...) thought to myself "I wish I was driving a car at the moment". I had to pull over within 50 kilometers to warm up, warming my hands on the bike's crankcase. While I was pulled over, I waived to a passing Goldwing, with it's big screen and probably heated everything, and felt quite jealous. I had planned to buy thermal underwear somewhere in the blue mountains (figured they would have some good camping stores) but the sun came out and I went back to my default mood of loving riding and feeling excellent.

    I'm now tossing up between heated grips, some sort of bark buster like device or warmer gloves. I was completely cold, but the hands were definitely the most annoying.