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New(ish) Sydney rider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by watiwat, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,
    The name's Brittney, and I've been lurking around Netrider for a while now, but only just recently got the income to save up for my license/gear/bike! I'm a Sydneysider through and through, and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at Homebush once I get my bike [hopefully before June!]

    I'm probably going to be spending about $1k on gear, whatever necessary for a helmet, and up to about $4k on a bike [depending on how much I can save]

    I've done the L's rider training/DKT once before, but my license expired before I could afford to get a bike [rookie error, I know] so I decided to wait until I had the funds saved before I booked my next training/test. I did the training at Rouse Hill, and the test at City South RTA.

    I'm interested in the naked bikes, but other than the CB250 I rode for the L's I took in 2009, I haven't ridden anything else, so my interests could change once I'm able to have a sit on a few more bikes.

    I'll be lurking more in the future, as well as possibly actually posting [shock horror!]

    - Britt
  2. Howdy and welcome! You going to show up to the learner sessions at Homebush when you get your bike too? We need more girls! :)
  3. Welcome. I actually did a similar thing when I first got my L's. Did bugger all riding, but booked in for P's. Failed and L's expired, however they let my renew for a few months as I had done the Pre provisional course and attempted the MOST. Made sure I did a bit of riding before I tried again.
    Good luck with it all!
  4. Welcome!

    Somebody on here made a great suggestion for buying bikes. Go to lots of bikes shops, sit on lots of bikes and pick the one that makes you smile the most. Just make sure you don't buy there and then!

    Then do lots of shopping/research and find one!

    Don't buy a cb250 ;)
  5. there's a nice Hornet 250 for sale right here on the forum, $3800 as I recall..

    Oh, and welcome :)
  6. h0wdy and w3lc0M3 :)
  7. Hi Britt and welcome aboard :)
  8. Welcome to Netrider Brittney, good luck with finding gear.

    Sydney City Motorcycles had a discount on HJC helmet from $230ish down to $170ish I think worth a look at.
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys, much appreciated!

    I will definitely try to make the Learner sessions at Homebush when I get my bike, it's something I've been waiting ages to go to, 'cause I want to meet more riders =]

    I wasn't planning on it, but if one is cheap enough and in good nick, it could be an option =P
  10. You don't need a bike to show up... I used to show up in my car to look at the pretty bikes.
  11. yes she did, with her dogs who was trying to dry hump our bikes
  12. Hey some of the bikes were sexy!