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New(ish) Scooter Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Ersel, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, just an intro.

    I've been riding a 125cc scooter for almost 2 years. Love my scooter but still keen to upgrade to a bike sometime this year or next, maybe a Ducati Monster. Anyone made the jump from scooter to motorbike and regretted it later? I do enjoy not dealing with gears and usually make short trips only. I certainly don't need to upgrade but have always wanted to own a nice road bike.
  2. motor bikes good scooters bad
  3. welcome mate get ready for some friendly scooter jibes :] hopefully you can handle it better than our last scooter boi
  4. Hey Ersel , is your sister hot?
  5. Hi Ersel.

    After two years of scooter riding you should be able to change over to riding a "real" geared motorbike fairly easily.

    Initially, it will feel odd, but within a few minutes, you should master the basics, then a day or two, to let the gear changing become "automatic" and you'll be fine.

    When you sit and think about changing gears, it all sounds hard, right hand rolls off throttle, left hand pulls in clutch, left foot changes gear.... but, with a little practice it really does become almost like "hard wired" into your brain and you quickly get to the stage where it just becomes automatic.

    As for the Duc Monster, well, from experience, the 696 is a lovely bike in the country, but pretty crap for short trips in city traffic. It gets stinking hot, tends to squeeze blokes bits... probably fine for ladies....and, with standard gearing, is a wee bit difficult to get off the line smartly.

    But it's basically up to you to decide what you want.

    If your circumstances permit, I'd suggest keeping the scooter if/when you get a motorbike, then you have the best of both worlds. :finger:
  6. Thanks CrazyCam for the great advice. I've still got some time and would consider going back to the training course just to get some practice and supervision. Most of my riding is inner city so the Duc 696 may not be the one afterall.

    @Jeffco@Jeffco: As a scooter boy, I pretty used copping flak from mates. Bring it on!

    @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg: No sister mate. Tell me about yours...
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