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new international member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ldebackker, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Hi there,

    I am a new member so I will introduce myself here. My name is Lars, I am 22 years old, and I live in Melbourne at the moment.
    However, this is just my home for a short period of 5 months since I am an exchange student studying at RMIT University. After this semester I will return back to Holland where I come from.

    My bike is a 1991 Kawasaki GPX600R, which I bought 1.5 years ago, just before getting my license. Off course, this bike is in some kind of winter sleep right now, because I am far far away from it.

    The reason I registered myself is that I'd like to rent a bike here and do a nice weekend tour. I don't know anyone here who rides so through this forum I want to get in contact with some people who would like to join me.

    That's about it, I'll make a new topic for my touring plans.
  2. Hi Lars and welcome to Netrider. I am from Melbourne though currently work/reside overseas, away from my bike...I know the feeling very well of not being able to ride your bike.
    But hiring one, especially with Melbourne's gorgeous warmer weather on our doorsteps, is a great plan and I'm sure you'll have lots here on the Forums interested in joining you for rides.
    I find riding and drinking are identical : One never needs an excuse for a drink ! :)
    PS - What are you studying at RMIT ? I was a student there, once upon a time :beer:
  3. I am studying some aviation courses at the city campus. It's all pretty easy but also interesting so that's good. Time enough to do some weekend trips.
  4. Hi Lars and welcome to Australia, Melbourne and NetRider.

    As the weather improves there should be no end of rides posted up so I am sure you'll have no problem getting to go on one.
  5. Good choice of subjects mate. This is where my curiosity arose from. Spent a few years there myself :
    Associate Diploma in Aerospace Engineering Systems, followed by Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering/Business Administration... and to think all that work/study was just for a 'fallback' plan !!!
    Anyway, I'd love to come out riding mate, but as detailed above, I'll give it a miss this time around :(
    I'm next back in Melbourne (being transferred back full time) in Feb 2010, so I'll miss the chance to meet/join you for a ride, but I'm sure you'll have many keen on coming along with you... the mere mention of GOR usually attracts hordes :)

    Have fun Lars.
  6. Yeah most of what he said :LOL:
    Welcome Lars :cool:
  7. hey, another GPX rider :grin:
  8. Hahahaha !
  9. I would be happy to go for a ride with ya and show u some sights once i get back from Japan.
    Cheers JB.
  10. Welcome to the Group Mate :cool:

    We have lots of rides on the weekend now, just look up state rides.
    And more often then not, I'm TEC and/or Ride Leader.
    See you on the rides.

    Cheers Bru
  11. so when do you get back from Japan?

    and ZX9A6: I'll check out the rides that are planned now.
  12. And we have overnighters coming up :cool:

    Should be lots of fun :LOL:

    Cheers Bru
  13. Il be coming back from Tokyo on the 29th october buddy. i should be free after that :)
  14. Hey Lars, welcome to Australia and NR.
    It's a good social group here, and some great riding to be had.
    Since you're here for 6 months have you thought about buying a bike? Then you can ride a lot more :]