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New indicator problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Thanks to the guys who answered my last indicator question -
    - I took the bulb out, and the connections were corroded and the bulb, though not blown, was all white as though burnt. Upon replacing it, it worked. But then a new problem arose.

    I tested the right bulb by replacing it with the left side bulb, and the the indicators on the right worked fine, flashing properly, whereas the left now mimicked the problem the right had had : back light on, but not flashing (while fron light not on). It seemed the problem was fixed. However...

    I don't know if I did something bad by doing that test, because now, even with a replaced bulb (and so working bulbs all round), *all* the indicators come on, but they have a problem flashing. Riding along, they either they flash slowly, or not at all (simply remaining 'on'). At idle they might not flash, and will do so once (once only) if I revv the bike.

    Any opinions on this?

    Cheers, Matt.
  2. The more you wright the more I think bad earth.
  3. Thanks.
    I just spent half the day pulling the bike apart and checking every wiring connection I could find. Under the seat, there were a couple to the indicators which were loose in their connections, able to wobble in and out. Seems a multiplicity of problems, stemming from a 25 yr old, 50,000 km moped, needing a good service. The problem remains that the indicators all come on, but do not flash. Yet, as I'm riding around today (to a minimal degree, feeling uncomfortable in this condition), the indicators on both sides are starting to flash, and to do so with increasing regularity, both in terms of how often they will flash when turned on vs how often they won't, and in terms of the speed with which they flash (getting closer to normal). I can do no more re checking parts, except your suggestion : I'll see if the earth is an issue. The indicator stems are plastic, so I don't know where it earths. Are there obvious places to look, in order to locate where it earths?

    The indicators seem to respond to revvs - if I revv the engine a bit they will flash (albeit with an irregular pattern), whereas they *often* will not at idle (or they will flash twice, then remain on).
  4. What about the flasher relay have you replaced it yet ?????
  5. Are wires touching? Did you cover exposed wire with tape etc?
    I'm in over my head mate - i have to bail - sorry

  6. Sounds Notoriously like a stuffed (or on the way to stuffed) Flasher Relay to me.
  7. Thanks for all the replies - it's great to learn to do the work myself, but it's difficult with such a lack of knowledge, and nerds for friends!:)
    I appreciate the replies to sometimes simplistic questions.

    Is a flasher relay the sort of thing I can get from Auto Barn cheaply, or do I need to go to an (expensive) mc shop?
  8. There are generic ones from repco etc. You do run the risk of flashing too fast or slow.

    A car parts place may be able to get one within a reasonable range.

    On this older bike it will look like a short silver cylinder.

    Are there 2 wires going to your indicators or 1?
  9. Thanks. There are two wires going into each indicator.
  10. OK. It doesn't earth throught the indicator stem.

    Check the wires have good connections to the bulbe carrier. If they do, then you need to follow them back throught the harness and check the connections as you go.

    Generally earth lines are black on bikes, but don't take that for granted.