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New, in the completely WTF-balls file:

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. OMGWTFWatermelon?!
  2. Badger's Den - i laughed
  3. I don't know whats more baffleing, that there's people want to see Gordon Ramsey in p0rn, that people want to see a midget in p0rn or he died in badger den. Where is a head exploding smiley when you need one.
  4. ZOMFGBBQ? Is what I thought.
  5. For too long have I been searching for someone to cater to my midget Gordon Ramsey badger bestiality.....

    Thats it, Im getting therapy. **** you internet.
  6. :rofl:
    Rule 13 is in your favour, G...
  7. I thought it was rule 34?
  8. When I read "head exploding", I though you were about to make a reference to In Bruges.
  9. Quite right too - I stand corrected.
    Rule 13 is the one I live by...
  10. wtf was he going to do with a diamond encrusted soda fountain any way?
  11. mate he is in involved in midget p0rn, use your imagination.
  12. mmmmmmm midget p0rn now to goooooooooogle!
  13. Safe search is set to off
  14. theres a safe search?
  15. So, nobody's mentioned felching yet?
  16. no but im all ears noddy
  17. Well, this is a classy thread, we were going to lead up to it gently...

    I guess the dead midget's out of the badger hole now though.
  18. now i feel sick
  19. What about the Badgers? Doesn't anyone care about the Badgers? It's not like they are kittens.

    Please don't gas the Badgers!