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New in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by theundeb, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been lurking around these parts for the past few weeks while working on getting my Ls and purchasing a bike. Thanks for all the helpful resources and great information.

    I’m new to riding on the road, but I grew up riding dirt bikes and I’m very happy to finally be back. My LAMS bike of choice is a 2010 Honda CB400 (the same as the one in my avatar). It seemed pretty universally recommended and I’m happy with it so far (well, aside from the busted fuel gauge combined with my stupidity leaving me momentarily stranded yesterday).

    Looking forward to getting involved in the community here and checking out the learner sessions on Sundays.

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  2. Welcome to NR...
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  3. Welcome
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  4. Welcome
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  5. G'day and welcome, nice bike choice.
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  6. Welcom to Netrider and besided gettting along to the learner sessions, I hope you can make it along for some rides too, with the weather warming up they'll be great.
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  8. Hey newbie! Welcome! Love the wheels :happy:
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  9. There actually is a thread for pics, but it's not with the sinister intent you imagine (Although it is called "Are you hot?"). It's more for the fact that many people have known each other on here for years and years and yet never met face to face, so people can post pics in there. I'd wager more guys than girls have posted. I'm in there, looking like a clown with streamers in my hair. If you wanted to participate, the thread is here:


    Also I dig the paint on your bike, looks awesome
  10. Welcome. Tag along for a weekend ride sometime.
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  11. That is one gorgeous bike.

    Welcome to NR
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  12. Thanks all :)

    I'll definitely check out a Sydney ride soon.
  13. Welcome to Nutrider!
  14. Welcome, the CB 400 is a great bike i have ridden one a few times, you made a good choice
  15. Nice looking CB, that one. I've never heard of one having a busted fuel guage - what was the story with that?
  16. Welcome :)
  17. Not sure what's going on with it, reads full all the time. I'll have to take it in and get it checked out soon.
  18. Float is stuck perhaps. Not sure if they run a float that you can maybe push back down from the filler hole.
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  19. I'll find someone a little more mechanically savvy than I to take a look, thanks :D