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New in Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by josh_1988, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. hey im 18 and got my ls about 2 weeks ago been wanting bike for ages this site has helped me with my decisions and general knowledge about bikes a Huge amount. This site looks like a really good one, more freindly and not full of immature kids which is pretty much all ive seen on the net.

    hope i get to know a few other people in my area.

  2. Hehe, *snort chuckle*, you said, "Huge". :wink:

    Welcome to NR. :grin:
  3. Gday Josh & welcome to the world of NR.

    If ya want to complete your profile with ya location then people in your area can be in contact.

    There are a few in the Newy area just keep a look out on the posts & you'll find them if they don't find you first.

    Anyway, enjoy your new found freedom & be safe.
  4. Ahh thanks for remindin me almost forgot to put my location.. cyas around the fourm
  5. hey josh
    im from newcastle and have just got back on a bike after a 10yr stint of being a cager
    we will have to organise a ride soon as there a few new guys from newy on here

  6. yeh sounds good what kind of bike/bikes do u ride now? and 10 years ago?

    what do u mean by cager?
  7. hi there josh,

    im also from newi so when you are up for a ride pm me.

    cager means driving a car.

  8. Hi Ya Josh, welcome aboard. If I get time when a ride or coffe is on I'll see ya there. Keep safe mate and enjoy.
  9. Hey mate welcome to the loony farm.. :grin: :LOL:
  10. im from newcastle as well, new to the area and I ride, so if you guys get any rides or anything organised give me a buzz :)
  11. i have a rg 250 (sentimental reasons) it was my first ever bike
    and cager = car driver

    also had a fzr750 but just sold it
    getting r6 very soon

  12. Im also in newy, theres a cruise on this weekend that starts at speers point and heads down to the entrance
  13. what day is it saturday or sunday?
  14. its on Sunday the 21st, its a charity cruise for CANTEEN and costs $10 to enter, starts at Speers Point Park at 9am and heading down the central coast and then back up to dixon park for a BBQ, its hosted by the Hunter Valley Monaro Club but bikes have been invited and theres a group of us going.

    If you do come you should be able to spot my bike so come and say hello