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New in Darwin

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Fireyred, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. New to the site, been meaning to for ages, but you know what it's like. Been riding for about 8 months, keen to meet others in the area. Darwin is the best place in Aus, but I am biased :p

  2. Hey chicky :D
    welcome to NR :woot:

    Plenty of things to see, read and do here ;)
  3. Good luck with that. Meeting your fellow NR territorians. I tried to contact all 7 or so netriders listed in Darwin and NT(not including Rosie-I love Vic of Phillip island in NT :roll: ) trying to tee up a ride, after a holiday visit few months ago.
    PM-d 4 or 5 people I think. 1 got back to me and said hi, then asked him few questions about bike hire and bike shops in Darwin and then basically 8-[ :-# was the response. But I seem to have this effect on people :grin:
  4. Welcome to the madhouse.. :grin:
  5. Welcome!
  6. Abo's don't ride bikes mate. You should know that. [​IMG]

    Actually I know of one NR Koori, but he don't live in The Outback State,
    so ya on ya own mate.. unless you recruit a few at your end. [​IMG]


    All are welcome.. including the disillusioned. [​IMG]

  7. Best wack on some sun screen matey. Ur Red Neck is showing. But then i guess that u probable don't know that Darwin is more multicultural then most. Actually probable more wogs like me then "Abos" in darwin.

    But each to their own. Darwin is a cool place....actually its been bloody hot the last couple a days :demon:
  8. [​IMG]

    Nah I had no idea. Only thing I know about NT is what its known for:
    the big rock, & koori's.

    Whats cool? Anything under 30 :p

    How'd you go with ya learners anyway? :)
  9. Don't forget we also got Kangaroos and Crocodiles. :wink:

    Yup blitzed the Ls. At least thats my opinion on the situation.

    And as for cool.....yeah pretty much what u said. But we got the build up coming now, so the humidity in the air is bloody bad. Just imagine living in a sauna. Got to ride my bike faster just to get some wind on the situation :grin:
  10. Ahh yeh, how could I forget dem crocs & kangaz. [​IMG]

    haha good work on the L's mate. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] @ ya weather. you'd be used to it tho.

    You'd be suffering hyperthermia if you came down to Melb, or God forbid, Tasmania. :LOL:
  11. Yuhu. Sure would.
    Downside : Freezing, throttle on full due to frozen hands.
    Upside : Get to wear all that cool riding leathers and such, way to hot here