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NSW New improved mobile speed camera cars

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. here's some photo's i just took of a white ford territory 4WD near my house in sydney's northern beaches.
    the new orange markings dont do much ffor increased visibility and i did not see a sign on the road indicating they were raising revenue.....
    anyway, onto the photos ( and please note in a few of them the driver getting antsy and taking photos of me...lol )




  2. Don't you love as they position themselves on a hill!
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  3. I love that you walked around his car, taking photos of him. He must have felt like a marked man.
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  4. Where's the blue "Your speed has been checked" sign? I thought the point* of these things was to change behaviour.

    * well, the guise used by the government to raise taxes without raising taxes.
  5. So much so that he took photos of the OP was well

    Content removed

    See all that traffic behind him?

    The ****ing RTA is supposed to improve our roads - by parking that camera there they just pushed an entire lane's worth of congestion into the middle lane.
  6. "Don't be such a baby, its for your own good."

    Said the Tzar to the farmer.

  7. they are parked cars champ

    To the op, 5 pics per post bud, cheers :)
  8. Where was the photo taken? I would like to go visit.
  9. That's a good place to park if you intending to be a hazard-just on the approach to a corner on his side of the road.

    He's hidden by the same corner, to oncoming cars, to negate his vehicle being marked, as much as possible, as well.

  10. We struck one outside of Armadaile,took me back 20 years,about 10 cars flashed us 20minutes before we passed them.
  11. The sign is in the last photo about 10 metres from the car. I hate these carnts... Someone needs to start a state political party - 'We hate speed cameras' and watch the amounts of votes they would get.
  12. There will probably be another election. Do it.
  13. apologies for more than 5 photos in the post goz.

    content removed no need to be smart he was being nice about it

    hell, i missed the sign. location, sydney road, balgowlah heading toward the spit....they are there a lot. thank god for trapster
  14. Ahh thanks for pointing that out, I was looking for white writing on a blue background.

    I don't blame him. He's just doing his job and with many manned speed camera operators in the US being attacked (and one killed), so he's just taking precautions.
  15. I have a good mind to wear my balaclava whilst taking photos of the low life **** that mans the camera down south - at the base of a hill leading to the start of an uphill left turn. What a joke.
  16. Is this on Mount Ousley?
  17. Thanks dude.
  18. That's where i would have guessed. Missus thinks the car is just left there at times too as it was there at 7 and 10 pm on Tuesday when she drove to Wollongong and back that evening. It has been there every single time i have gone past since they were introduced.
  19. I am more worried about the road markings lol. Looks like they were done by a blind, stoned chimpanzee!