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New images from 'MotoGP 2006' for Xbox360

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Spud Gun, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. hmm those certifiably in-game?

    or are they like madden 2006? i.e. complete BS prerendered video?

    look nice but I see DOF which isn't usually a game engine inclusion...
  2. coooollllllll
  3. As far as I know, they are shots of a race replay which means that you can expect the in game quality to be very similar. Dont forget, these are on the Xbox 360 and they have taken the time to utilise the consoles muscle.
  4. I dunno, the shots look pretty good but the gameplay hasn't been real flash on any of the previous versions I've had a punt at.
  5. The PS2 versions of MotoGP have always been a bit naff. The last iteration on the Xbox was MotoGP2 which was brilliant graphically and in gameplay. If the handling has been retained in this title, then this game will be brilliant.
  6. yeh the developers are stuggling wiht it at the moment, the new tech requires a lot more work to get a suitable result

    BUT if they are ingame then it is awesome :grin:

    (here's hoping)
  7. Fair enough. the PC demo was pants.
  8. 2 and 4 were great shots.

    I've got motogp4 on PS2. Its the first bike game i've played in about a decade, and the improvement over older games is massive, not only in graphics but also handling and controlability.

    I used to loathe bike games because they were notoriously hard to stay on the bike or the track, or both. Controls were way over sensitive and I usually got about a quarter of the way around the track before throwing the controller.

    This version is much better, and on the 360 and ps3, things can only get better. Can't wait. YUMMY.
  9. those pictures are GREAT
  10. Bah, you can keep your x-boxes. I'm waiting for Tourist Trophy on the PS2 (should offer more variety than just GP bikes/circuits).
  11. Goddamn! Combine the bikes from Tourist Trophy with the rendering techniques from MotoGP4 and that'd have to be a decent (visual) game.
    As for the game play... i'll wait till i've got a controller in my hand to pass judgement on that one; some of the MotoGP's have been rubbish, some have been ok... but none have been good.
  12. Xbox 360 thread

    who is getting one as soon as they come out??

    what are the advantages/new features??

    all xbox 360 comments in here
  13. The new burnout screenshots look nothing short of amazing. That said, I can't afford one, so meh.
  14. ive got my holding deposit down.. and after dark looks freakin awesome.

    advatages over the old xbox: faster processor. cordless controlling.. surround sound, it also plays mp3's, mpg, and wmv files or the like as well as a multi region DVD player. and if you get the premium pack, it has a 20gig HDD.
  15. I already have one. I preordered it in Ireland and collected it when I went back for Christmas. I have PGR3, Call of Duty 2 and Perfect Dark 0. Its an amazing gaming system. Have you seen the new images of MotoGP 2006? I posted them in another thread:

  16. you know what im really pissed about? it comes out the same weekend that the superbikes are on at the island. obviously im heading to the island, but it means im gunna have the thing for a week before i get a chance to really sit down and play it.. DAMMITdoh!
  17. hm.. but the current "old" xbox can do all that minus the faster processor
    my one even has a 120gig hdd

    I'm going to wait for it to be more common before I look into purchasing one. so that bugs can be ironed out, price drops and more hacks ;)
  18. I'm with cityend but when you've got millions who gives a f-uck about a few hundred bucks anyway ;)
  19. I will be getting on as soon as the XBMC hacks works on it.