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New idea, Micro-rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by takagawa, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. I had an intuitive flash a few days ago, and after several days of ponderance I've thought of a new plan to assist learner riders to gain as much riding skill as possible before taking the licence.

    I've noticed that those after who get their licence believe that they are 'well equipped' and yet have not taken the time to push themselves in cornering.

    I believe a good way of gaining skill is to ride with others, and assess each other's skills, discuss and encourage ways of improving them.

    Ride days are great, and they are fun way of gaining experience but limited in feedback due to the number of people involved during the ride. Also ride days 'usually' take several days to organise and get the word around.

    So I propose a new system what I call Micro-group and Micro-rides.

    What Micro-group are groups of about 2-6 riders who are agree to help on another to build their roadcraft.

    Micro-rides are organised very quickly, within a few days, with the help of mobile sms messaging and in-forum messaging.

    Micro-groups are organised by suburbian regions (eg, the members of one micro-group are within the SE region). This allows each member to get familiarity with rides in their area. Also it simplifies meeting up with each other.

    Micro-groups also allow to build closer friendships between each other with the common goal of becoming better in roadcraft. And I believe they can also encourage some form of identity, such as a group name.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Sounds like a great idea to me!
  3. Also I should add. A Micro-group that are created for learners to attain skill should have at least one licenced rider who is willing to help. This is to prevent the propagation of bad habits.
  4. Yea this actually came about after that learners practice day where I learnt soooo much stuff. And I found out problems with my cornering which I would otherwise had not known. I improved heaps after that day, and I thought, hey, wouldn't that be great if there was an easier way to get feedback.

    Anways, I've started the first pilot program here.
  5. Not a bad idea....

    I was thinking about doing an after work run during the summer along the Yarra Scenic drive a few weeks ago. Taking it nice and easy should allow learners to be able to get a few kays in during the week without having to venture too far.

    The Yarra Scenic drive starts at science works and then heads into the city, along the Yarra out of the city towards Hawthorn and then out to Ivanhoe East then further out to Warrandyte where it ends. Depending on who was going on the ride you might avoid the westgate bridge part and perhaps not finish so far out to the east but rather find a pub and have a counter meal before heading home.

    The same route would also introduce new riders to Yarra Boulevard and The Boulevard which are very handy for working on your cornering without trekking out of cooee of the city. They also have minimal traffic so there is less pressure.

    Yarra Scenic drive is also well sign posted so its not hard to follow all the brown shields with 2 in them (Being Scenic drive #2. If anyone knows where scenic drive #1 is please let me know. ) on the green signs indicating each of the turns to take. It is also clearly marked in the Melways (just pull out your melways and have a look, you should get the idea).
  6. An excellent idea this. (Mind you looking at the latest stats of Netriders
    coming off, perhaps the learners can teach us a thing or two :?)
    Perhaps a dedicated place on this site where learners can go to organise
    a "micro-ride" and a list of experienced riders. (5 years or more) who are
    willing to "lead the way" and offer riding tips and answer questions.

    I for one would be happy to offer my services. (riding 14 years)
  7. Top idea. Maybe it should have its own thread within Ride/Event Announcements and Reports.
  8. good stuff,
  9. I like it. Happy to organise stuff, but not much of a teacher (still pretty new myself).
  10. Sounds like a great idea Taka.
    I'd definately tag along to a few of these. :)
  11. Count me in.

    When I'm not at work.


  12. Yer I'd be concerned that I would be passing on poor technique....after all I haven't done a course to see how I sit in the scheme of things for about 3-4 years. Well overdue I'd say!! Especially after doing the learner day last weekend.....I think the learners might have taught me a thing or two.
  13. Count me in.

    Matt232 wrote:
    Sounds like a good idea too. I will be in that.

    :D :D
  14. It's more of a responsibility than a leisure instructing people how to ride correctly. I would NOT be a suitable mentor at all unless I was getting paid a lot of money or people were prepared to push the limits of their bike.

    My fulfillment generally comes from watching and creating accidents through ride pressure but this only works on susceptible people.
  15. Yeah man, that Cossack dancing thing - where you rest one hand on the ground and do donuts around it - has GOT to stop! You're gonna hurt yourself :)

    I hate bad habbits. In fact, I hated all of Lord of the Rings.
  16. Just a quick thought....especially for a ride with learners on it....you mentioned that there would be a single experienced rider in each micro rides, it would probably be a wise move to have a minimum of 2 experienced riders in the group, one as the lead rider and the other a tail end Charlie.

    If the learners are not familiar with the route then you will need someone to guide them along the route and since there are a majority of inexperienced riders then someone bringing up the rear ensuring everyone is still with the group would also be a must.

    One of the learners could take over one of the roles at later stages but in the early days of each group/ride, the two roles would definitely need to be covered.