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New Hyosung what do you think????

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by snaws, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. No need to cut and paste.
    Was the designer on some serious acid???
  2. MMM I like the Yellow :D
  3. it didnt look that bad to me .
    Its better than walking
  4. I dont mid the look maybe a little sharp.
    They are looking more and more like the SV650s
  5. That could have something to do with why I like the yellow one :wink:

  6. Yeah but you ride an Across Glen so you aint that fussy :p :LOL:

  7. Suzuki must be mad, first they copy their SV650's now they seem to be 'inspired' by their GSXR range....cheeky buggers :LOL:

    The 'new' 650 is a bit heavy, it doesn't look too bad though so if the price is right they may have a winner.
  8. From memory, Hyosung used to build complete bikes for Suzuki up unitl recently when they refused Hyosung a piece of the broader market. Hyosung then started development of their own larger capacity bikes for the overseas market but still would posses some knowledge of design and contruction while dropping the partnership with the Zipper Bikes. Good deal for them. Now we get to see some interesting, cheap, and developing bikes. All good for us in the long run.
  9. I don't like YELLOW on anything (cars, bikes, even the yellow vest for the greyhounds.... :x )... I just hate Yellow....

    I don't mind the GT650R... but what's with the dopey looking headlight? The seat doesn't look very comfortable either.... :?

    Anyways.... Why a Hyosung? :)
  10. tell you the truth , I aint fussy :LOL:
    someone wants to give me a new bike for nothing , i am happy to take it off there hands
  11. Ain't that the truth! Anyone who ride's an Across certainly can't afford to be fussy. It's self evident already as soon as they roll-up that they'll accept any old shite! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Even a :oops: scooter :oops: :?:
  12. scooter yep , VFR no :wink: :LOL:
  13. Don't get me started!!!! :p

    Hmm, lets see. Who was it that took a giant leap from an Across to a VFR, and then missed his boot (cough, handbag!) so much that on one of the first o/night rides on the VFR he had to bring his g/friend along in the CAR just so he had some space to store all HIS stuff??? Hmmmm???? :p :p

    As Hinch says .. "SHAME!!!" :LOL:
  14. Touche! :)