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New Hyosung GT650r with problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chickenmanic, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Hi guys and gals, just got my brand new bike yesterday from peter stevens dandenong.
    The hyosung gt650r.
    Sadly it has started to fall apart.
    The front right indicator has fallen out because there wasn't a nut holding it in place haha.
    But the worse is that after I got it home after a 30k ride, I began pushing it through the car port and scratched the mirror on the first pillar ): put when I got beside the car port it stalled for no reason. I then tried to start her up again with no luck. Gave up after a couple more tries then decided to push it back onto the concrete and try again.
    After half a dozen tries it still didn't start. (It always started but within a second it would stall) So i decided to open the throttle and start it and it worked.

    Decided to take it out again for more practice at night around 11 pm.
    I was just starting to come back and decided to rest at the closets safeways before going home.
    By that time it was around 1:30 and i decided to turn the bike off and adjust my mirrors and take a short walk. That took 5 mins then I was gonna head home, but when I flicked the kill switch off there was no priming sound or f1 light. So after a couple of flicks and nothing happening I decided to try a start it anyway but it wouldn't turn over at all. Waited 10 mins and it worked so i rode home.

    Today a new problem arose, it wouldn't let me shift from neutral to first after stopping at the lights. So I pull over and try to get it working and eventually it wouldn't even get out of neutral at all. Waited abit and then it started working(this happened after 25 mins of riding for the day)

    So my question is does anyone know what's going on???
    ps sorry for the essay
  2. The gearbox may not have a problem. Motorcycle gearboxes aren't like car gearboxes.

    As for the rest, well it sounds like your kill/side stand switch is acting up for sure. Take it back and get them to check it over.
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  3. Would the side stand not let the fuel pump to prime (the start up sound when you disengage the killswitch to start the bike again)
  4. Mate it's brand new, so take it back to PS and do some seagull management (fly in, shit on everyone, fly out)..:
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  5. Haha that sounds nice and tempting I was just hoping I could get abit of inside before I do on monday
  6. Sorry ment insite
  7. warranty, rip em a new one about the indicator. listen to the others,, very sound advice.
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  8. peter stevens usually give you an racv membership. Send it back to PS on a truck (you get free tows)
  9. No you meant "insight" ;)

    Yes it is under warranty so let PS sort it out.
  10. I'd be thinking about taking it back and getting something else, sounds like a real POS.
  11. It's testament to what a piece of shit Hyodung really is. Poor assembly quality control, poor quality parts. They are better than they used to be, but still a long way from the mark of the Jap bikes.
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  12. If you do a search you will see they are plagued with electrical problems. If you can get your money back then do that, and buy a second hand Suzuki SV 650, a much better bike, very reliable
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  13. Agreed. You only have to look at the resale value of the GT650 and you can see the SV650 is a the better option.
  14. Just keep in mind that if you're in neutral at the lights, it won't shift until you give the clutch some inertia (let out the clutch, pull it back in, then it will change).

    Also the gt650 is quite picky about sidestand/clutch/gear when it comes to turning it on. The manual has a little chart but at least 2 of the 3 safety conditions need to be met (ie, out of gear, clutch in, sidestand down) for it to start. The FI system won't prime until it's ready to start.

    The indicator falling out is pretty nasty though.

    Lastly, I don't remember the details but some hyosung owners were having issue with 98 octane fuel... I use 91 or 95. Please do not believe the bullshit that lower octane fuels are padded with 'crap' to lower the price/octane etc. An engine will run on whatever it was tuned for. Although I can't think of any reason why 98 would cause issues, there were enough people bitching about it (korider.com) that there's a chance it's not just a scary story.

    On the plus side, I've put a couple thousand K's on a second hand 2010 gt650 and it's been fantastic...
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  15. Haha thanks Cjvfr and im not sure how it would go getting the value back as I bought it on finance.

    manky I don't believe many people when they say higher is better and contains more cleaning agents and all that nonsense. I filled it up with 91 after 100ks ca use it does the trick but i might see what it's like at 95 every once and a while.

    So I just need to play with the clutch to get it to shift at lights?

    And yer to start it, it needs the clutch in and etc but it wouldn't even try and prime the FI system.
  16. Yeah I use 95 but 91 should be totally OK.

    Whenever you're in neutral and have had the clutch in for more than about 10 seconds it will want a quick clutch in-out before it shifts. You can hear the effect that it has because when you shift immediately after clutching it will be quite loud on engagement... if you wait until the clutch has almost stopped it's extremely gentle/quiet.

    The Hyosung's have two major electrical problems; low spec rectifiers and low quality connectors. Some people get unlucky and don't realise the stock item is not up to the job and change their rectifiers a few times... don't do this. If you get strange electrical issues like poor charging, engine struggling/surging or low system voltage, replace the rectifier with a quality aftermarket unit (info on korider). This isn't a problem for most people. The other big issue is that the connectors are bottom of the barrel stuff... they're ugly, they're large and they don't seal against water very well. So if you can't start the bike, double check the clutch sensor and stand sensors are in properly.

    Seriously if Hyosung hadn't cheaped out on the electrical system they'd have a much, much better reputation (for the post 2010 models). I mean, if the electrics were solid then all people would have left to complain about is the heavy frame and heavy wheels.

    Booked it in with the dealer to get things checked out yet? I think you should :p
  17. Thanks for the info Munk really appreciate it I'll try out the clutch and see if i still have an issue.

    And sure will once I check the manual to find were they are haha.

    Yer ive heard that from everywhere else about its just the electrics that bring it down, really disappointed that it played up so quickly.

    And I'm about to leave for peter stevens now and they know I'm coming so hopefully it's not to long before I can ride again
  18. Nothing wrong with Hyosungs other than a few little niggles - just get it back to the dealer and I am sure they will sort out.
  19. Thanks guys got it all back and they couldn't find anything wrong, they said they'll double check it all again when the first service is due.

    And with the gears I got told that the bike needed to move forward abit before it can change out of neutral and so far so good. Just need to work on not stalling it everynow and then haha
  20. Gearbox issue sounds normal for bikes. But the stalling issue, it's a full injected bike it should never stall on its own and u shouldn't need to use throttle at all to start it. However if the side stand switch is playing up then that would cause it to stall. If it was on older bike and mine I'd just remove the side stand switch completely so that it starts either way, but being a brand new bike take it back straight away. I'd just demand a refund honestly mate, what a let down. A brand new bike shouldn't have any problems whatsoever for ages.