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New Hyosung 680cc Cruiser

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by jfiddy, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. It mentions it's lams, how is 680cc lams i thought it was 650/660cc max
  2. My girl got the 250 Aquila to learn to ride on, Very easy to ride, low C of G, making it very easy to ride, easy to work on, I do the mechanics on it, very reliable,
    It appears the 650 is just a bigger version of it,
    She has dropped it a couple of times, learning, nothing more than a few scratches, Has not cost any thing to fix,
    The 250 has not got the grunt to get away from her, she is a rank novice,
    If any thing does go wrong with it, you will all be the first to know,
  3. Both links list it at 678cc which is def not lams legal (the upper limit is 660). Shame, it looks half decent.
  4. The were saying they were going to put a slightly smaller engine ion it for oz. I think.
  5. LAMS is determined by power-to-weight ratio, not outright capacity, as I understand it.....
  6. The LAMS list includes moderately powered models with an engine capacity up to and including 660cc which do not exceed a power-to-weight ratio of 150 kilowatts per tonne.


    (From vicroads website)
    other sates may differ
  7. When I was bike shipping I came across the Hyosung 650 Aquila (GV650). I still think itsone of the best looking cruisers around (never determined if the chrome was metal or plastic though)
  8. The GV650 classic is LAMS approved, the 700 classic which looks exactly the same isnt (I dont know about other states). The 650 should be good though, 47kw is plenty for an L plater.
  9. You are a sick individual.

    It looks like a mid 80s XV750 mated with a tuk-tuk and then was given thalidomide during the pregnancy.
  10. Hmm...I always thought of hyosung cruisers as harleys redesigned by Walt Disney.

    There's something wholesome and gutless about them...entirely inappropriate.
  11. Don't do it. Go the Yamaha. Yup the chrome is plastic. The tanks leak. The seats unstitches or should say unweld's. The resale. The brakes rotors warp. The gear shift lever comes undone and breaks. Try about 4 to 1 on the others on warrenty claims.
    The motors are fine........... no don't do it
  12. How many of you that hang shit on Hyosung cruisers have actually owned and ridden one for an extended period of time,

    Your personal opinion on any motor cycle is pure fantasy or conjecture if you have not owned one or ridden one.

    So keep your uninformed opinions to your self.

    I work and ride on a 250 Hyosung Aquila, so I do know. So far it has had no problems what so ever,
  13. Ive ridden them quite a bit. Well as little as I had too. And I was a service manager in a shop that sold them. Nuff said They suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Lots of people who hang shit on Hyo's have owned them...

    That's how they know where to hang the shit...
  15. You don't need to own one to see they are butt ugly.
  16. They are good reliable bikes and for what you get they are a bargain, spec wise no other bikes has the same features at the same price. BTW I am not a hyo diehard and curently ride on a yamaha.
  17. I'm sure most owners do in fact experience a good reliable bike, but the proportion of those that have problems does seem higher than other brands and the problems they have seem more dramatic. The problems they have with parts supply adds much salt to the wound
  18. Maybe it was bad luck but the 3 guys I know that have owned Hyo's surely regret it and spend more time in the workshop or pushing them then riding them.

    It's a shame cause one of them gave up riding completely and the others have now moved onto other bikes. If you have a choice between the Yamaha XVS650 which is the best selling cruiser in Australia and one of the best in the US or a Hyo cruiser go the Yamaha for the simple fact I have never ever heard someone complain about them.

    Why take the risk of grief? We ride for pleasure, well most of it, if you want grief stay home and listen to the missus.