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New Hyosung 250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MrtypeR, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Hey guys... me and mate just bought two new 250R's yesterday from peter stevens and should get them in a week... im thinking of getting a nice sounding carbon fibre exhaust. Screaming Demon seems to be pretty popular... anyone know where i can pick these up cheap??

    are there any other exhausts/brands i should also check out??

    thanks guys!!
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    look for screaming demon pipes on ebay if there are none on send the guys at screaming demon an email and im sure they will look after you.

    I have one fitted to my 08 GT250R and it sounds nice http://au.[media=youtube]juL0y3jLyp4[/media]

    for a Hyosung specific forum go to korider.com

    Good luck with the bike :)
  3. I have the Hyosung pipe(not stock) Sounds great. Have been told its a bit loud...
  4. that will be the megacycle pipe you are speaking of. instead of getting it from ps, go straight to megacycle, he's located in keysborough. look him up
  5. Hope yours last longer and are on the road for more than mine was.
  6. thanks for the reply guys... i cant wait to get the bike some time this week... mind you im booked in for my learners next month! lol

    btw Aus-ESP you have the same colour combo that i chose!... looks great... was hard to chose between all red and 2 tone!..... think urs is gonna be my twin! lol

    how long you had yours for??

    btw what price are the screamin demon exhausts goin for?
  7. I have had mine for 3 or 4 months and my brother had it for about 8 months before me.

    In the time I have owned it I have put 3000kms on it without any hassle.

    I think my brother paid something like $250 -300 for the SD pipe.

    Twins..lol TBH yours would be the first red and black two tone that I would have seen other than mine.

    Good luck getting the bike and with your learners course next month.

    What part of Melbourne you in?

    Be sure to check out korider.com as its Hyosung specific and has a lot of good info.


  8. yeah i been reading on the korider forum... got some good info there!

    im out essendon way.. how bout yourself??

    i saw a SD exhaust for $299 delivered off ebay.... cant remember if i say one for $250 tho! btw are they easy to fit??

    yeah test shouldn't be too bad... can't wait tho... i'll have this bike at home and wont be able to ride till mid Nov :(
  9. I live in Pakenham myself but work in the city ride everyday.

    The SD pipe is easy to fit, all you need to do is undo 5 bolts slip the old pipe off and put the new pipe on and do up bolts.
  10. excellent... well think i may have to order one in the next week or two!!!

    looking fwd to riding it!
  11. Just remember that the 250 Hyos don't like after-market pipes very much and may need to be tuned.
  12. really??? so i wouldn't be able to just bolt it on??

    i've been hearing otherwise??

    do they offer much performance increase?
  13. Chasing performance on a 250 Hyosung is a bit of a losing battle mate. Get an exhaust because it sounds cool bot for horsepower gains. You can just bolt them on but often you need to adjust the carbs a bit. Plent of info around on this. Not saying that you won't get a gain but really it will be tw fifths of five tenths of fcuk all.

    Mods I would look at down the road are EBC brake pads, get rid of those Shinko tyres [they are CRAP!], braided brake lines and get it serviced reguarly. Learn how to tighten a chain etc.

    Good bikes if looked after.
  14. You CAN just bolt them on but what I'm saying is that you MAY need to have the engine tuned to allow for less back pressure.

    You'll actually find you may have a tad less HP than with the stock exhaust. I did. Others who've dyno'd :roll: theirs have found this also.

    I also found out that my Hyo was a lemon (but that's another story :p)
  15. 100% agree matti - I recommend the Dunlop GPRA-10's. Stick like shit to a blanket and make the bike 10 x more rideable.

    I'll rephrase that for you mate: Good bikes if you get lucky and get a good one because no amount of preventative maintenance will stop it being a piece of garbage if that's what it ends up being.
  16. ok so im very new to bikes and all... so if i fit the exhaust... how do u know if it needs a tune??
  17. You won't unless you have ridden it before and after.
  18. Because it will run like crap :)

    Do yourself a favour and take it to Stafford Motorcycles in Heidelberg for ALL your servicing. You'll find they provide better service at around half the price of Peter Stevens. They were also the original Hyosung dealer in Melb so if there's anything they don't know about the bikes then it's not worth knowing.

    Best of luck mate
  19. ok thanks for that... yeah i'll def check out staffords then!!
  20. other question i have is does the bike need to be run in before fitting the exhaust or can it be done on day one...

    should be getting the bike sat