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new housing estates?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slowmark, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. due to current police activity at favourite stretch of road (b.s.) i've been compelled to seek new recreational riding area's where one can experience 1st, 2nd and even 3rd and 4th gear without fear of consequence from said policing activity.
    And so i've found myself venturing out to new housing estates.
    Beautiful smooth brand new black top. :grin:
    no resisidents or neighbours. :grin:
    No trees either. :grin:
    and no speed limit signs. :p :grin:
    and you can even throw down some witches hats to sort out a loop.
    There's a part of me that didn't want to share this information and another part that says sod it. we're all brothers.

  2. if you do a track day you can experience 5th and 6th too, and with more enjoyable corners.

    I'm pretty sure the cops are onto your idea too. And those areas you speak of are technically still governed by the road rules (somebody correct me if I'm wrong), even though there's no one around to hit.

    don't worry mate, we've all thought it!
  3. When I lived in Newcastle, there was a 'track' we called the "Maryland 500"...if you're from that area, you'll know Maryland is an estate out past Wallsend...the new bits used to provide a bbbbeeeeaaaauuuutiful place to do a sweet lap that went for a couple of kays...full of round a bouts, sweet corners and virgin bitumen ... mmmmm .... but now it's full of young familes
  4. why post this sort of thing up....fark hell, maybe try thinking before you post :roll:
  5. Some friends and I used to go street luging in the empty new estates. Security would be alright as long as we didn't wreck any of the houses getting built...
    good times..
  6. who are you left or right of the picture?

    my mate had to go toilet once in a new housing estate

    he did a number 2 and then realized the plumbing wasnt connected yet

    hows that for a prospective buyer the next day checking out their new toilet
  7. :rofl:

    ... I'm the one on the left (the girl)...
  8. New housing estates !? What you mean in that small window before builders move in??

    Around here housing estates have roads filled with debris, sand, mud, broken plaster, dropped paint etc... they're fine for practicing wheelie's and ebraking, but track speed stuff...? :-k
  9. When they put all the infrastructure in place - gas and phone lines to each block and the new roads and that's it. Then they sell off the lots. That's what the one near me was like, for a coupla months. That was when I was 17/18 and silly :grin:
  10. Did that a couple of times in my car, out west near my mates. All that was done was the roads. They had nice smooth gutters (ripple strips) not them horrid 90' ones. and there were no houses anywhere, not even frames, so there where "sand traps" everywhere. Safest place other than a track.
    Did get the brakes glowing red that night.
  11. I can personally vouch for how much fun new housing estates can be -especially if you happen to ride a motard converted dirty bike. I especially like it when the new residents start landscaping their front yards before moving in. Instant motox tracks everywhere :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Nice new smooth seal, a few jumps, a bit more blacktop, couple more berms, roundabout etc etc. Fun or what :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Hmmm, Maryland Dr would've been a nice circuit when the place was empty. I remember doing some rallying on the dirt roads where Warabrook now is after they shut down the abbatoirs. Good fun.
  13. Ah yes..."Warahook"...that was a good one too :LOL:
  14. I've just discovered a closed (to cars) road loop, with two good corners, two sweepers and a hairpin... and I ain't tellin' ANYONE where it is! :LOL:
  15. Generally when that road is closed, titus, you are likely to encounter open wheelers approaching you from behind. Very. Very. Quickly.
  16. for stunts id be down, but for track style riding? ill leave that for the track.
  17. Just because there are no speed signs doesnt mean it is an open speed limit. if there is kerb and guttering and / or street lights, the usual suburban speed limit applies, being that 50 or 60kph.
  18. I was quite distraught earlier this year when I checked the Australian Road Rules about the "No speed limit applies" signs (Anyone else remember those?), after having discovered a few in western NSW. I thought they'd all been removed!

    But according to the current ARR's, "No speed limit applies here" actually means "The default highway speed limit applies here", nowadays. Go figure. :p