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New horn, not stebel?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by PhilC, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. So, I know how awesome Stebel air horns are, and in fact I bought one. But when I looked at the install options on my bike (most people either splitting them or doing a whole bunch of dodgy work to mount them under the fairing) I decided I CBF. So I gave that horn to a friend for their boat.

    Now, after using the ridiculous high pitched stock thing a few times yesterday, I'm keen to find something that sits somewhere between. A basic electric horn that I can just do a like-for-like replacement of the original with, but get louder & deeper.

    So, I thought maybe just this? http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/on...Horn-12V-Low-Tone.aspx?pid=284679#Description

    Has anyone bought one of these or done a like-for-like replacement they're happy with?
  2. Gotta be better than the stockies. Good Idea, I might even replace the ones on my roady this weekend..
  3. Did you buy the Stebel Nautilus Compact? I fitted one to my 600 Monster and also put one on my 1098 without too many fitting issues.

    All those disc horns are pretty similar in sound and volume.
  4. is that THIS one??

    How much are they? 135db is awesome.
  5. don't forget guys that their claimed DB rating is under the ideal circumstances to get the highest DB rating that they could get.
    some website did a test where they found that the Hella Supertones out performed the Stebel Magnum under the usual circumstances where the horns would be use (ie out on a road), with the DB meter a reasonable distance away from the horns. Don't think for a minute that this is where manufacturers test their horns to get the DB rating. Unfortunately the website couldn't test the Nautilus Max or Compact because they both died before they could test them with the sound meter.

    Here is the write up: http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-horns/motorcycle-horn-comparison.htm
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  6. Good read, cheers.
  7. I put a stebel on mine. Not the Nautilus, but a tm80 derivative. Claims to be 109dBa @2m.

    In reality it is barely an audible amount louder than the pissy standard item. The "chrome" shroud is really, really crappy plastic chrome.

    Still it is louder and has a deeper and tunable tone.

    Just saying the sound figures they list are deceptive.
  8. The dBA rating is arrived at under test conditions, as it should be, so that there can be some consistency between products for comparison.

    The WebBikeWorld article is not only getting a little old, it shows an almost complete lack of understanding of test methods. Yes, the Stebel Nautilus produces 139 dBA . . . at two inches distance as claimed. Not a realisitic test for sure, but repeatable, and not clouded by coverings such as fairings, grills, or other vehicle parts as WBW seems to suggest it should be. The Nautilus is 115 dBA at two metres, and that is what their web site says. They aren't hiding anything, although they aren't declaring their test methods whenever the values are quoted either. Mind you, they should be testing at the standard one metre distance, and 45° angle to the source.

    Mine has lasted a couple of years, and has been used quite a lot. It also has be on the bike in all weather conditions. I can confidently recommend them.
  9. reckon they might be a pain in the arse to mount but what about those twin air horns? Woudl they be loud enough on a bike? I gather the 'repeat' use option may not be good due to the compressor needing to pump the air thru.
  10. What are you talking about. Read the description on the eBay unit linked to above: "motor withstands more than 50.000 continuous action cycles" I think there was a bad batch of the Stebels shortly before I bought mine, from memory, around 2009. But they don't all fail, and the reviewer on WebBikeWorld should have requested new parts to see if the failures repeated. Many, many reviewers of products have prototypes fail, or even off the shelf units, and retest with a new unit. It is narrow minded to do otherwise.

    Are you going to use your horm more the 50,000 times while you own the bike? Yes? Well a second Nautilus will cost you $40. Two movie tickets!

    I don't want to evangelise loud horns, and subscribe to the GTFOOT principle, but a loud horn can not only warn the dumb driver about to merge into you, but can let traffic around you know what the idiot is doing to you, and they can help by making space.

    I know, people still merge onto me even when I use the horn, just as they refuse to look over at you while doing it, because they know you are there and are doing it deliberately, because "the motorcycle will get out of the way". But reasonable drivers around me have made space, or moved out of the way, because they heard my horn. Make them look!
  11. misunderstanding, the twin air horns I mentioned is on sale at supercheap autos.. hence my question about compressor etc. sorry for misleading
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  12. I've heard about a lot of stebels that have stopped working... but then, that could just be a self selecting sample thing.

    I like the idea of a loud horn, particularly a stebel for the shits and giggles. Where would you fit one on a sportsbike though?
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    i had a PIAA one on my old bike.
    easy fit, just the same two wires and screw it into the same bracket.
    i thought it was loud enough. would imagine not as loud as the stebels but i don't know
    was still plenty loud.


    i use my horn a lot. it's a handy tool used pre-emtively, can make cagers sort of pause briefly. just long enough to slip through them
  14. I had the Stebel Nautilus on my bike for 2 years and it was freaking loud and worked the whole time. I mounted it split. I kept the horn when I sold the bike and will mount it on my next bike.

    As stated above, somehow some people still choose to ignore them.
  15. Liz had a stebel on the mighty CB250, but it stopped working after a fairly short time. Loz had one and I think his failed too.

    I keep thinking car horns are sufficiently loud, Why not just go to a wreckers and pick something up. Should be cheaper than new. If not try the Supercheap option.

    PhilC: I note the horn says low tone. Would that be part of a low tone/high tone pair? If so get both. Tune them so they are discordant.
  16. Looks like Lizzy's current electric stebel horn, only hers is a single not dual.

    If that is it, it is a faily soft 139 Db. Unless the second horn boosts the effect. My standard twin Fiamms are louder.

    It actually sounded like it needed a tweak but couldn't see any adjustment to tune it. Although I haven't looked that closely. It sounds a little hoarse like an air horn with insufficient air.
  17. I have as well, but often it turns out that they have been installed such that water gets in and doesn't drain, contrary to the explicit instructions.

    People find a way to fit them in tiny spaces, even if they have to split the compressor and horn parts, and use a tube between them. I found lots of installation write-ups on-line when I went looking. Many for specific bikes covering specific issues.
  18. I was going to buy a Stebel, but they were wrecking a Falcon at work so I 'borrowed' the horn. Not spectacularly loud, but its better at making people look than the original, they look for the car.