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new honda vt750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, May 9, 2006.

  1. HI all. I'm a new member to this site, although I have been reading the forum and reviews for some time. I want to get off my trusty and fun 250 virago and go to a mid size cruiser. A bike that looks the goods as far I am concerned, is the new Honda vt 750 ( I love the feel of the cruiser and have no desire to go so fast as to leave my arse behind) Has anyone any thoughts (good or bad) on the vt750's thanx

  2. Jeff,

    While I don't ride a VT750C, I have been keeping my eye on the mid-range cruiser market. I'm happily working thru my L's on a VT250C but there's no doubt a larger cruiser is on the horizon.

    There's not much info around on the 2006 VT750C (other than Honda's web site), though it appears to be as competent as any of the mid-metric cruisers. Honda claim to have improved power in the low to mid-range, and the power plant sounds as though it's more enthusiastic than earlier models. Brakes are said to be only "adequate" with a single disk up front and drum in the rear. The bike is no light-weight, but no heavier than others in this space. I have read some criticism of the rear suspension, said to be a little mushy and with limited travel. I like that the bike features relatively maintenance-free shaft drive.

    Of course, there's no substitute for climbing aboard yourself and seeing how the bike feels. If you're open to other ideas, worthwhile metric contenders in this market include the Yamaha XVS650, Suzuki C50 and M50, and the Kawasaki 900 Classic (an interesting addition).

    I'd be more than interested to hear how you get on.
  3. yeah I know the rear brakes are a bit iffy but with reasonble careful riding(ie not up someone's arse!) I am sure it will stop ok. I am not talking a sports bike here.
    I sat on a new one at the local bike shop the other day and everything felt really good except, compared to my 250 virago, I felt I was straddling an elephant.
    I will soon ask for a test ride and I am going to try and see how much they will trade my trusty 250 virago on it.
    stay tuned!!
  4. The Honda is far from alone when it comes to brakes, with most of the mid-sized metric cruisers running a single disk and drum setup. The manufacturer's obviously seem to think it's okay.