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new honda sorts cruiser DN-01 automatic

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Has anyone ever heard anything about these??

    What a great looking bike (I think so anyway!!)

    Came across it in another place

    2006 Honda DN-01 Automatic Sports Cruiser Concept

    2006 Honda DN-01 Automatic Sports Cruiser Concept

    June 14, 2006:

    (Translated from Japanese) It is the automatic sport cruiser concept which aims toward the creation of the new value where DN-01 does not belong to former motorcycle category. Advanced hydraulic mechanical cable type variable speed mechanism "HFT (Human Fitting Transmission)" you adopt, easy operativity of course actualizes the sporty running which exceeds the framework of the existing automatic transmission. Impression and the dream you have not experienced so far can be discovered "The Discovery Cruiser" and DN-01. Completely new motorcycle life is proposed to the adult who is elbowroom.

    Total length 2,345mm

    * Full-width 834mm

    * Total height 1,100mm

    * Engine type Water cooling 4 strokes OHC V type 2 cylinders

    * Total cubic displacement 680cm3

    * Seat Height is 26.7 inches

    * Wheelbase is 63.2 inches

    * Engine is fuel-injected V-Twin 680cc 65-hp

    * The transmissin is a new hydraulic-lock-up CVT that will offer the option of full-auto or thumb-shift [ala, FJR1300-AE].

    * Integrated GPS, built in stereo speakers, and likely ABS/linked braking.

    (from forum member freebird): It uses the NEW Deauville engine which is a fuel-injected 4-valve 680cc V-2 putting out 64-hp [the old Deauville engine was 2-valves, carb'd, and I think 640cc]. If you don't know anything about the Deauville Sport Touring bike you probablu live in the USA [it's not sold there].

    The bike is going into production and will be available early 2007 in Japan and late 2007 in Europe.

    Reportedly Australia Honda is offering "680cc V-2 " training for their shop mechanics. Thus, Honda is either planning on bringing the Deauville or the DN-01 [or both] to Australia. If you live in the USA don't hold your breath.

    Internet Rumor: The DN-01 will be available in Japan early 2007 and Europe fall 2007 - no word on the USA but speculation is 2008.


    Whoandwhatdoyaknow and whaddayathink????

  2. more pics ( although the first one looks so much better to me :LOL: )

    I think I am in love!!!

    John Howard has finally turned japanese!!!

  3. That's actually a pretty tasty looking rig.

    LMAO @ Howard comment :)
  4. Nope, that's why you don't always trust internet rumours ;)

    It's supposed to go into production at some stage - but it's been two years since it was first displayed so I wouldn't go holding your breath.
  5. We've got the Deauville here, so that mechanic training thing doesn't mean much.

    I'd be surprised to see that come to market really, a cruiser that looks like a mutant sportsbike and goes like a "dullsville..." The V-rod looked too futuristic for cruiser riders, and the automatic thing will turn experienced riders off.

    Then again, as an old man's first big bike kind of setup it could sell. And it would turn heads... Looks like it's trying too hard, to me.
  6. Yeah but manufacturers don't make bikes to suit what Australians want. The design/styling of the DN-01 isn't that different to the Yamaha Maxam already on sale in Japan - which apparently is selling extremely well. Sure most people out here want something exciting, but in crowded cities I can see where a relaxed, automatic cruiser/scooter hybrid thing would have a market.
  7. When I heard about this one it was just a styling exercise, with no mention of the engine. I'm very suprised to see they only put a Deauville's 700cc engine in it - I assumed it would be something massive, 1,600cc+ kind of a deal!
    It would be a lot more interesting then, wouldn't it?

    Anyhow, I doubt this will go into production. Honda seems more interested in developing that other model they showed at the same time, the one that looks like a hybrid bike/scooter.
  8. Again if it's for the Japanese market (which is massive) then there's really no point using anything bigger than 750cc because of their licence regs. May not be a market for it here but in Japan it might be an attractive option to riders wanting to move up from a maxi-scooter - but who don't want to jump all the way to a full on sportsbike or cruiser.