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New Honda Rcv 1000 V4 Road Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by trd2000, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. jd that ducati SSS bike is really not comparable, its little more than a IC engined bicycle and would not be subject to stresses anywhere near the level that an SSS is subject too on proper motorbikes.

    Also the BMW SSS is not comparable to the ELF honda as it runs a shaft drive, which is bulky and heavy as all hell and does not bring with it the mass centralization and weight saving that you get from the aluminium box section that is found in the ELF Honda SSS design and is since found on the ducati SSS fitted to modern bikes. Ergo, they (Ducati) did copy Honda, and by the time it made its way into a road bike (My bike actually, which was the first proper SSS Bike ever sold) the ELF design and engineering had been purchased by Honda, so while they didnt come up with it, they did own it, thus making it their invention.

    This is what i thought of when i first saw the cb1100r

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  2. Thanks Unconnected for the useful post, I had read about it a while back but was too lazy to search it up and was a bit hazy on the details too. Yes, Honda indeed were the pioneers of single-sided swingarms for road applications.

    jd, you didn't tell me, did you like the Cb1100R concept?? it was penned by an individual (whose name I don't remember off the top of my head) and not by a committee as you stated earlier in respect of italian designs.

    Lilley, I have nothing to say to you, besides are you good at making sandwiches?? :p:D
  3. It's also not a Ducati, it's a German Riedel. It was designed that way to make it as light as possible and was, at the time, quite popular for racing.

    Buying an invention developed by someone else doesn't mean you can claim credit for it any more than Michael Jackson could claim credit for writing all the Beatle's songs.
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  4. The undisputable best bike ever developed in the history of mankind is/was the Honda Chaly (in any colour but green)
  5. There's worse things than green
  6. Yes you are correct. That is clearly worse than green
  7. I've ascertained a few things from this thread - mostly don't take on JD in the fact battle department.
  8. Is that because they look the best or sound the best?

    Ahhh both.

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. I have a feeling we might start talking about cafes.

  10. ...and the irrationality of this thread sinks to a new low...
  11. I think Honda is capable of stupid pricing the vfr1200 at its launch price of $25 ish would have made milwaulkee proud.
  12. That might have credence if honda commissioned the project. They didn't.
    It's a bit like claiming Bimota invented hub centre steering.
  13. Ok to get this thread back on track,