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New Honda Rcv 1000 V4 Road Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by trd2000, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/N...1012-poll-what-do-you-want-from-the-road-rcv/

    So Honda have confirmed they will be releasing a 1000cc "replica" bike with a v4 engine... but they're undecided on cost and how close to the factory motogp bike to make it.

    what do you guys reckon? personally I reckon it should come out and they should do a base model in the low 20's and a higher end model with goodies for those who are willing to pay for them... i really dont want them to just do it like the ducati desmosedeci and build a few out of unobtainium.
  2. Rare and somewhere north of $50K, no way it will be marginally better and dearer after the debacle with the VTR1000R.
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  4. I was thinking the same thing: the SP1 and the SP 2 are minor classics aren't they?

    Personally I'd love a 1000cc version of my old VFR 750: around the same weight and configuration but with 150 bhp on tap...
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  5. if they kept building them i would have had one a long time back instead of debating s1000RR's and the RSV4.... no question. reliability and character.

  6. They might be classics now, but they couldnt sell them at the time. They had to deep discount them and all the early owners took a beating.
  7. Looks wicked, I'd love to test a V4 super sports. Maybe after the big win tomorrow night.
  8. awesomeness!

    a v4 superbike to go alongside the IL4 is awesome news

    hopefully it will become a production bike alongside the fireblade
    surely a v4 would not cost much more to produce than a fireblade of similar performance?
  9. gp is for prototypes, to develop technology and make it cheaper for production models!

    therefore the flagship production superbike should be as much a replica gp bike as possible

    honda have used the RCV for some time now in gp, why is the fireblade still an IL4???

    although i think yamaha use the inline 4 for gp, as in the R1
  10. The prototypes aren't allowed to share any of their mass produced parts.
    CRT will be allowed to use this new engine which is supposed to be the point of the bike. The current CRTs blow motors like crazy do I'm guessing the v4 production motor will be more exotic.
  11. Please Honda please please please.

    I have also heard rumours they are releasing a new VFR800 in the next few years, hopefully with this project running along side it will prompt them to make it more sporting than the current models.

    You just cant beat V4.
  12. Every time I walk past the current (and still for sale, despite the VFR-1200) white VFR800 in a shop I get a raging case of V4 envy. I know it's a 'softer' bike that the old RC36 series, but it still looks fabulous, and at $9,000 less than its bigger brother it's no wonder sales of the bigger bike are sluggish.
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    Yeah, every now and then I contemplate the VFR1200 as it seems like a very gentlemanly sports-tourer.... and then I catch a glimpse of its pricetag and run screaming.
  14. Funny, it's the exhaust on the thing that has that effect on me.
  15. oh, yeah, I was up at the Famous Robertson Pie Shop at lunch time and one went by; it sounded, fair dinkum, like a big sewing machine :giggle:
  16. Well Honda said when the VFR1200 was on the way, that they were going back to the V4 layout in a fairly big way. Yet we've only seen the the 1200 motor in two new expensive bikes and the re-jigged VFR800 into the Crossrunner.

    Probably thanks to the GFC putting a lot of planned new models on the back burner for 2-3 years, we haven't heard much since. That cloaked new model countdown posted in another thread was interesting in that there are six cloaked bikes.

    There's a fair chance some are similar bikes on the one platform (there's supposed to be a larger capacity range along the lines of the NC700 series), but there's a chance of something else new as well, or we can only hope.

    Still missing in action is any sort of real replacement for the VTR and Blackbird, which a new half/full faired, chain-driven V4 could easily have been with less weight and cost.

    A new sporty leaning faired and naked V4 platform in the 600-900cc range (aside from this new race-rep 1000) would get a lot of interest.

    Yamaha is upping the ante in a big way with new triples, so there's going to have to be something to stir the loins of riders from Honda and the others fairly soon.

    Fingers crossed that we're about to enter another golden age from Japan Inc, with triples from Yamaha, V4s from Honda and whatever from the others. Some good new V-twins would be great too.
  17. there was a rumour this v4 or v5 RCV thing was gonna come out back in 2010... i held off on an 848, S1000R, and rsv4 for it but the only thing to eventuate was the VFR1200... with a scooter headlight and FAR from sporty... I gave up waiting and got my RSV4 but i reckon if honda released a v4 litrebike it'd be back on the short list.... I LOVE my CBR.... it's just a tad bland.
  18. the 6 cloaked bikes were already announced on a US site as being rebel, shadow, goldwing, XR650, fury and sabre or something... all existing models in new colours or with slight tweaks.​
  19. trd2000 is right, this RCV concept has been around the block already

    seeing as the YZR M1 is an inline 4, like the YZF R1
    shouldn't the premier honda bike be a V4 like the RC213V?
    honda is obviously capable of making an economical V4 superbike

    the question is will they make the V4?, and what will happen to the fireblade?

    continuing to manufacture the fireblade is a cop out.

    now you have me scouring the net for info.....