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New honda motard - wotcha think?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by livingstonest, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Got pics?? :eek:
  2. I think the xr400 motard must be for people who have ridden and loved their XR's. People criticize the DRZ for being old technology but I think the XR is even older. A Honda CRF motard is another kettle of fish.
  3. Most motards come from dual sports, and the XR produced a solid platform to do that, albeit a bit late.

    Wouldn't they be too highly strung and too much maintenance? Sure maybe just for racing, but I see motards as a good urban bike, able to commute, weekend away, racing and even a bit of dirt :cool:
  4. Looks pretty good, a bit more practical than some others, that's Honda :grin:
  5. Yeah, noice - but where's the Firestorm-engined 'tard they promised us!!!
  6. hey ya boys and gals!

    Does anyone know if this is LAMS? Are there any Factory motards that are LAMS, I am looking to spend 9K on the road!


  7. I'm pretty sure it is LAMS, or at least it will be... what is the exact designation of this model? XR400 is there on LAMS list, but this might be XR400SM or some such... anyway, it should be the same.

    Similar story with DRZ - it's there on the list as DRZ400E, specifically. What about DRZ400SM then? I'd think it should be the same, but hey - I don't speak for RTA :)

    KTM 625SMC is on that list as well, but I don't know if you could get one for under 9K.
  8. What about those aprilia supermotards? 450 or 550 and twin cylinder water cooled.

    They are HOOOOOOT looking.



  9. Very very nice...

    but they'll probably be closer to $16K + ORC rather than the $8K + ORC of the Suzuki :)
  10. I think the 550 was 15K on the road. Didn't ask about the 450.


    EDIT: Prices on the page:

    SXV 450 supermoto: $13,990.00 RRP

    SXV 550 supermoto $14,490.00 RRP

    The pegaso and the Strada are cheaper!!!!!

  11. Aprilia is the bike you want.
    XR - no comment
  12. Thanks for the replies guys! I am going to ring up the RTA tomorrow about the XR400 and DRZ. I am leaning to the suzuki! but I heard that the SM has some stupid power2weight ratio! which makes it not LAMs!

    The aprilla is hoooooot, but way to pricey for a second bike!

    Question! I dont have a garage! what are the chances it will get stolen in the first week. I plan to do the following! Alarm disc lock 2x, big fu@k off chain to fence. It will be parked out the front of my window!

    Sat I might go test riding! yeeepy
  13. Think about it.

    Two cilinders instead of one. 112Kgs. Water cooled.

    And in some reviews they say that this is the only supermotard that can keep it up with the sporties on straight lane before eating them on the bends.

  14. Also, be sure to get a cover, and use it... and chain the cover to the bike as well. People do park on the street you know, it might be OK if you follow your precautions. It doesn't have to be impossible to steal - it just needs to be harder to steal than the next bike down the road...

    For all you people recommending Aprillias they might be great fun, but he's after a LAMS approved bike under 9k - how do you see Aprillias fit in this scenario?