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News New Honda CBR250RR Unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Oct 28, 2015.

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    Honda has taken the wraps off their new concept bike which they’re calling the ‘Light Weight Super Sports Concept’ but is really taking shape as a spiritual successor to the Honda CBR250RR. And while it doesn’t look set to replicate the high revving characteristics of that legendary machine, it comes closer than we were expecting.

    Honda hasn’t released any specifications yet, but the dash does indicate redline of 14,000 prm – significantly higher than the 10,500 limit on the current CBR300R and more than the other twins from Kawasaki and Yamaha by over 1,000 rpm. Most of the bike appears pretty much production ready (save for the headlights and over engineered tail section) and there’s nothing too silly on show here – single discs up front and rear, standard looking suspension and a pretty basic Apkropovic exhaust.

    There’s little doubt that this will end up replacing the single cylinder entry level bike range from Honda, but will they keep it at 250 cc for western markets or bump it up to 300cc? If designed right there’s little doubt that the bike could outperform bigger capacity machines, but as we all know, displacement is a big selling point for western consumers. Let’s hope that once the specifications are released we do see a high performance yet lightweight machine.


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  2. I hope it's 4cyl
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  3. I used to have a '90 250RR with the 4cyl, it was so much fun! red line at 20,000 RPM, sounded like an F1 car!
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    the most annoying, aggravating, scraping your nails on a black board painful sounding motorbike EVER manufactured.

    I can only hope that this new one is indeed a parallel twin :)
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  5. Cheap to manufacture and light weight are key market drivers in our post modern era. Unlikely to be more than twin cylinder and more likely to be an amped up version of the current single cylinder unit is my uneducated guess.
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