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New Honda CBR250R Test rides up for grabs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. http://www.bikesales.com.au/news/2011/road/honda/cbr250r/honda-cbr250r-test-rides-23939

  2. Hart Somerton is a 5 minute drive from my place so works out nice. Thanks for the link mav, have booked for myself + 4. My adolescent nephews have all stated interest in riding so I will be the good uncle and surprise them with a free ride day.
  3. Maybe Wifey and I will check it out too, Only live 20min car drive away in North West Melb. She's thinking of upgrading to a 250 of some sort.
  4. Would have been better if they made this bike an I4 instead of a single banger but for $5490 it's still a good buy. Don't know if that's with or without on roads as the girl on the phone when I was booking couldn't verify it either.
  5. I'll book myself in as a netrider reviewer and give my review on it
  6. A great turn of phrase when talking about a Learner bike.

    That sounds like a pretty good inititive that promotes rider training and a new bike at the same time, while offering some guidance from trained instuctors.

    I want to try one of these for the sake of reminiscing about my CB250RS, which was a brilliant, fleet-footed little single (back when stock bikes still had a decent exhaust bark) that provided me with my first three years of road riding.

    Please, please make it stop...

    Are people ever going to stop saying this?

    They already made one. This is another bike. Then there's also the CB400.

    Start with one of these, then because it's so cheap to buy and run, keep it as a commuter and buy a Triple once off restrictions. Then you'll have four cylinders. Win!
  7. It's just 10 minutes or so up the road so I might book myself in.... If it's good I might even sell the Hornet and get one hehe
  8. Will deffo have to try get a ride on one of these, I been waiting for them to be realeased to see what they would be like as a runaround and weekend warrior so I can track the 1000
  9. As well as test rides for the new CBR250R HART are also offering a 90 minute free "try it" session for non riders. I've booked 2 of my nephews in for the try it session and will surprise them on the day. The only condition for the try it session is to be 18 or over and have a car license of any sort (green/red p's, full). While I take them there have booked to ride the new CBR250R and see how it goes. Based on the low prices these should sell plenty and if successful Kawasaki 250R prices will have no choice but to come down if they intend to compete with the CBR.
  10. I thought cbr250r's were grey imports? (been a looong time since I looked tho) Are they selling them brand new in Aust now?
  11. single cylinder???!! woot are they doing lol
    Wernt the old imported ones 4cylinders (and around 45hp which was pretty huge for a 250)

    I bet that move kills some performance - I think I would prefer to ride the old version to be honest

    Cheers for the link tho - I had no idea they were coming to AU as a non import - perhaps they are more learner friendly with the changes I guess (cant think of any other positives lols)
  12. I might wander up the road to watch that Goz... turn up on the R6 and then thrash the sh!t out of their shiny new 250R :D
  13. Better yet, cant somebody with a 15 year old high km bashed around cbr250rr turn up, and do the same thing? =D>
  14. ive just registered for the first session @9:00 at St.Ives :dance:
  15. Oath :) might need some thrashing to get it up to speed lol
  16. And I wouldn't expect anything less from you :p
  17. I've got $20 which says you can't get it past 130.

    That's on the proviso you get the real road tune, not the media release "road tune".
  18. Had booked myself in to the HART cbr250r demo ride day which was yesterday. Had a good time riding it and managed to go for a 1/2 hour group ride and got to see what the bike was all about. All I will say is it is a lot of bike (efi, abs, liquid cooled) for the price you pay for it compared to it's competitors (ex250, gt250, vjf250).
    Non abs $5490.00 ride away $6100 abs $5990 ride away $6600.
    You could get an old more powerful cbr250r for the same price or purchase a brand new bike with slightly less power.

    Nephews and bro in law did the free ride day and may have got the bug. We will wait and see.
  19. Welllll Mona Vale Road is quite straight and long and is right next to HART...... 8-[