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New Honda CBF1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by warnabrother, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Been riding the new CBF1000 around for the last 2 days..
    What a fantastic bike... detuned Fireblade engine, very narrow and lightweight, upright touring riding position, adjustable seat, screen and bars.. abs and cbs as standard...

    took my wife for a ride and even she commented on how smooth it felt... like a Merc or BMW..

    fantastic bike.. even though it's not overly pretty :LOL:


  2. Nice bike mate, whats cbs ? what does it weigh ?
    Is it a torquey bike or do you have to rev it hard to bring the power on?
  3. CBS = combined braking system.
    Braking for dummies.
  4. I prefer Can't Be Stuffed braking :).
  5. So then the bike's name stands for... ;)
  6. Indeed. I'm sure it's an evolution of the CB9 in many ways, but they've increased the engine size by nearly 100cc without any increase in horsepower. Brakes and suspension are still cheapies (with the odious addition of that stupid CBS system) and it's got a granny fairing on it. Hornet fans were little short of offended when this model dropped in Europe 18 months ago.

    Still, I think it would make a brilliant bike for the aged and incontinent tourer who can't afford something German.
  7. Nice ride mate.
    The reviews cannot speak more highly of this model albiet it is a pig on the track. But for touring, it is claimed to be up there.

    Did you get the panniers and top box. I was lead to believe that they in total were about $2k. :shock: Its not a Beamer!
  8. Apparently Hornet fans don't count for much though, because CBF1000 went on to become one of the better selling bikes in Europe, regardless. In any case Hornet fans have their Hornets both in 600cc and soon 1000cc - CBF is a different bike aimed at a different market.

    In fact Honda Australia considers CBF1000 to be their replacement for the now discontinued Blackbird. That in turn might offend some Blackbird fans, nevertheless that's the reason they decided to bring it here after all, some two years after it appeared in Europe.
  9. Why would they? The CBF's aren't Hornets. Hornets are CB(insert capacity here)F's.
  10. I'm interested in the way this topic has gone.. ironically I brought home the CB900 tonight as the CBF1000 is out on demo (yes, I work for a Honda dealer).. and the 2 are nothing a like at all...

    The CBF1000 has heaps more torque everywhere, is smoother on the road and the seating position is better, the engine revs free'er with 1200km's than the CB900 does with 6000km's on it..

    The CB900 is a naked "fun" bike but gets tiring quickly riding it in a spirited fashion on straight roads.. the CBF1000 on the other hand is much easier to ride quickly.. this is on the freeway though.. however once the CB900 is in its element, the twisties and the city, it's a nicer bike..

    The CBF feels very light and very narrow... the CB9 feels wide and heavier..
  11. Are they offering a full luggage system? I've seen the top box mentioned.
  12. What does it retail for ?
  13. $14990 + ORC according to AMCN
  14. retail is $15 990 on the road...

    and yes.. the accessory / luggage list is HUGE..

    but please... I dont want to be "pimping" these bikes here... I am genuinely interested in the discussion.. I'm not here to sell bikes... mmkay :cool:
  15. To answer my own question:

    Luggage Options include:

    - Top boxes -> 35L ($763) and 45L ($1042)
    - Panniers -> 29L or 33L ($1862 colour matched)
  16. the top boxes are actually pretty interesting.. they actually move around on the mounting plate as the bike leans over.. just like a good pillion is supposed to :p
  17. Sounds interesting. :)
  18. But do they press into your back when you brake? :D :D
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  19. warnabrother, is there somewhere I can check out the accessories range online?

    I might be missing it but the Honda Aus website doesn't seem to have anything.