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New Honda CB500F rider to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hondarider10, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Riding since July 2015. Done over 3000 km with rides in Sydney metro and 3 country locations within 3 hours. Very happy with bike.

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  2. Ok bit more info. New to riding. Absolutely best decision ever. Riding with mates, new adventures, new challenge and steep learning curve is a blast. Recommend it.
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  3. Welcome to the forum, come to the three day Jindabyne multi state meetup. :) Click on the NSW thread in my sig file.
  4. Will do. Did the ride from Goulburn thru Taralga, Oberon to Richmond late last year. Massive challenge as I was very new to riding. Awesome roads and scenery around that area.
  5. Welcome :D

    Also have a look at the sides around Sydney, the next one is a ride down to Kangaroo Valley.
  6. Yes. Heard about that one and part of reason I joined Netrider to learn and share.
  7. I'm up for that as well.

    Welcome fellow Hondarider
  8. What bike MadDog?
  9. welcome aboard :)
  10. welcome to Netrider :)
  11. Thanks David.
  12. Welcome from another newbie!

    I was also curious about the group rides but I've never had a ride with more than one other person before so I'm a little nervous.
    I've only done "the old pacific highway"/cowan ride but that was on my little 250 years ago, I've yet to do a proper scenic ride on my new bike!

    Oh man I bet the corners would feel awesome!
  13. I think there is a joke in there somewhere..but I'll leave it alone for now.

    Anyway,I also would like to go on a group ride..unfortunately can't do the Jindabyne thing.
  14. I'd like to think I'm funny enough that you could squeeze a joke outta that but alas, no! The SO and I are a riding pair but my family are not exactly bike enthusiasts (that's putting it lightly); so most of my riding experience has been either with myself, or with the guy!

    I was also looking at Jindabyne but I think I need a few more kms on my CBR before I'm game to tackle such a long journey!
    Also, won't there be a lot of people?!
  15. we could organise something more local just for few hours or so. you know head up to putty road or south down to Macquarie pass etc.
  16. Looking forward to ride today at Homebush. Would like to have the confidence after today to book MOST in next few weeks. All the best.
  17. Hi all. Attended event today and thanks to Netrider and instructor for tips. Still need more practice of u-turn. Was good warching other riders and technique used. Most there today are ready for MOST test. Once again thanks to Netrider.
  18. Was also there with Hondarider10 today, and would also like thank the people!e kind enough to donate their time helping us newbies.
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  19. Hi there, welcome aboard.