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New home page

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ButtNuggeT, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. G'day. Not really sure where to post this so I'll try it in here.

    Just finished the main part of my new web page and thought I'd post it here to get some feedback on it. Please be gentle tho. I'm still kinda new to making web pages. ;)

    Anyway you can check it out here.

  2. Hey,

    looks good atm....I'm known as the 'proofreader' (good old writing course) with my friends, and have found a couple of things....but when you're done, and if you want, i'll go through it for you :)

    Otherwise, looks good. Love the pic change thing, good idea :)
  3. Very interesting

    1. I'd ditch the "Enter Site" page; if I've clicked a link to go to your page, then I expect to be delivered straight to it...

    2, Follow the bouncing ball; it's even more annoying to click on an "enter here" page and then be kept waiting even longer to see anything. That said, the demands of flash loading means I'm going to have to wait, so the "popping" balls make it amusing and tolerable.

    3. The ghost cursor once you get there is a bit unnerving to begin with, but you quickly get used to it. I like the mainly black theme with the central 'window'; that should make things load just that bit quicker.

    The transitioning tiles metaphor for your pictures, however, is very good!!!

    4. Check your spellling and grammar; (and don't take Netrider as a guide!!). "your not seeing things" should be "you're not seeing things (short for 'you are') Yeah I know it's fussy, but it can put people off.

    Just my $0.02 worth, I'm not a designer of web pages, just a voracious consumer of same....
  4. Lose the flashier aspects like that ghost cursor as it is super annoying.
    Firefox doesn't scroll it properly.
    To be honest I don't like it.
    No offense meant to you but I'm a purist and like webpages to load quickly and not have too much "flash"
  5. I like it, except for the LOL on the end of the "I hope you like them". It's kinda 12-year-old Myspace-user-ish.

    Otherwise, good job :)
  6. Good one for a starter.
  7. Forget Flash and stick with html
  8. Since your using your ip webspace you are limited to what you can & can not do.

    Agree with hornet, ditch the 'Enter Site' since you have a pre-loader on the next. I know some sites have them I do one of 1 of my sites, but for what your site is @ the moment having an enter & then pre-loader will lose vistors will quick.

    Remember those poor people who still have dial up. Keep an eye on your flash size.

    Check your alignments, center etc. didnt know you had a nav bar up top in Firefox didnt see it @ all, & in IE only saw half of it.

    What ever page you decide to keep the enter or pre-loader put somewhere 'Site best viewed at blah blah'

    Lose the mouse trail ... one of my pet hates are mouse trails & music on sites.

    Do like the pic change effect. Just keep eye on image size etc. Over all nice 1st attempt. Yell out if you like in future.

    Personally I perfer php & css etc ...

    Other site I refer to is for Paint Shop Pro uses TubeTopia my other site is in profile.
  9. I think the main problem is an almost complete lack of content... :)
  10. Same here but given, as Loz pointed out, the limited content, the effort of programming a back end or setting up a CMS system is probably overkill unless there is a grand plan behind it.

    And since ButtNuggeT is new to the game probably best to keep it simple.

    ButtNuggeT if you do go down the HTML line then the below webites might help


  11. A two minute wait on download for what???? A complete waste of my dial up - absolutely no interesting bike content what so ever :p.

    Thought the image changes were flashy though...
  12. My point exactly for those with dial up. Most will not stick around for it to load.