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New Hilux

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jeimbo, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    Thinking about leasing a new Hilux - 3 litre turbo diesel dual cab SR model.

    Anyone have one? What are they like off road, on the highway, reliability, power and rear legroom (my boys are going to be tall!)

    Is there anything I need to change from stock - tyres etc? I will be driving mainly flat ground but do get into the hills firewood cutting so big loads and slippery tracks.

  2. Current model Hilux is about the only one I haven't driven but from what I've heard from those that have it's on-road performance has significantly improved (which is good because some of the earlier models were pretty bad). Really no need to change anything for light off-road use, even the mining industry leaves them unmodified yet they'll still handle heavy loads and slippery tracks real easy. I've towed a 1000L fuel trailer through very heavy mud with an old, unmodified, non-turbo 2.4L model before so a stock 3L turbo should handle it fine (probably be better spending the money on 4wd training rather than fancy off-road tyres ;)).
    For serious off-road use they are pretty limited compared with say a Landcruiser due simply to the suspension being designed more for road use and the narrow wheelbase (which makes them easy to tip). They're also not particularly great for real heavy loads on the tray as it sits well behind the rear axle. Edit: That said they're off-road ability is still far, far better than the vast majority of soft-roaders on the market.
    Rear legroom was pretty cramped on the early models - not too sure if the new model has improved on this or not though. It'd definitely be something to check. I know you can cram 5 adults into an earlier model Hilux but it's far from what you'd call comfortable.