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New Hi from Tassie!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sivartydrup, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    Just saying Hi and introducing myself.

    My name is Travis, I'm from Launceston in the north of Tassie. I'm only a motorcycle noob, haven't been on one regulary since I was in high school and never ridden the road before.

    I'm picking up my new (for me) bike in about a week and a half. It's a 2004 Suzuki GS500F. It's about two and a half hours drive away to pick it up, so getting it home should be fun! I have most of my gear, and will have all of it by the time I get the bike.

    I've just booked in for my learners training, so that should be fun! And I just can't wait to get out there and enjoy learning to ride!

    I've been reading the forums for a long time now, learnt and absolute magnitude of great stuff! Hopefully I can add to it one day!

    Anyway, the long and boring of my first post is over. Thanks for having such a great community, I can't wait to be involved.


  2. Welcome from a fellow noob!

    Good luck with the bike:)
  3. Welcome sivartydrup

    The learner's training is pretty fun once you get past pushing the bike. Asides from that, enjoy riding your GS500F!
  4. Yep, the fun is about to start! Welcome to NR.
  5. Hey welcome fella!

    Just got my L's last weekend and having a blast! Good to see alot of new people giving up the cages for some 2 wheel freedom!!

  6. welcome bud, careful of those winds
  7. Welcome to NR Travis
    Enjoy the learners course & have a great time with your new bike
  8. Hi all, and thanks for the welcomes!

    Just thought I'd update this post as I just picked up my new (for me) bike this Saturday just past! It came with a rack (no bag), oxford heated grips, a staintune exhuast and is in pretty good nick all around! I've still got a little while before I can ride it on the street, so I'm going to try to service as much of it myself and just get used to the controls and such. I've got a reasonably long driveway, so I might practice with the clutch and low speed balance and just physically moving the thing around!

    Here's a photo!


  9. Good starter bike matey.

    Maybe see you on a MR around Hobart when the unwashed masses (Vic at least) come for the Tassie Tour 2010
  10. Thanks!

    Confidence pending, I might make it to the south of the state for the MR. Always read about them on here but unless I make it down when the tassie tour is on, or head over to the big island sometime, I doubt I'll ever get to go on one. There seems to be a severe lack of chatter in the tassie area on NR. Once I'm out and about a bit more, and have a bit more to contribute, I'll have a go at fixing that!

    I get my license in about 2 weeks, so after that I'm keen to meet up with anyone willing in the north of our little state.

  11. :grin: Hi I just wanted to say welcome to NR! I have just come back from riding in beautiful Tassie, very fun but the weather poured unfortunatley. ah well! did the cradle mtn ride xlent but not for the faint hearted! and wouldnt recommend it if you are new, there a few interesting corners! did last 12km to summit in pouring rain. but some nice locals helped me pull some polar fleece gloves over my reg motorbike gloves. nice tas locals (yes they were bikers) and they thught i was brave and possibly a bit mad? doing it in that weather.netrider is coming to tas in Jan 2010(see rides calendar) maybe you can hook up with us and join us for a day or two? get some practice in and you'll be right.
    anyhow welcome. Sheri (aka bikechickadee) keep the rubber side down.
  12. Thanks for the welcome bikechickadee! Sounds like an awesome ride you had down here! Glad that the bad (read: usual for this time of year!) weather didn't put you off! I'd like to meet up with all the people coming down, I've got my license training this coming weekend, so I'll see how I go with the two-ish months of practice on the roads before Jan next year.

  13. Hi from the North West hope that every thing went well for your licence test and you are up and riding bike looks good. The toy run is on the first weekend in Dec and if you can it would be a good event to attend and meet some fellow riders. Ride smart stay safe.
    Cheers from Tas.
  14. Hi tas, yeah the licence training and test went well! I passed but I need to relax a heap more! I've heard about the toy run, and my father-in-law has done it a fair bit in the passed when he's had a bike. It would be good to attend, and my instructor from the training said she'll be there working the desks, so it might be a good opportunity to stop by and say thanks to her again!

    Off to do the computer knowledge test at service tas today, then all set! (Edit: Passed!)

    I must practice, practice, practice!

  15. Oh, and the instructor had an awesome green street triple! She said it was an awesome upgrade from her "piece of junk" Italian bike! I think she said at one stage her old bike was a brutale.
  16. As well as the toy run there is also the MRA Awareness ride in November which is just a short ride from Perth to Archers Manor in Newnham. It's a good experience riding in the big group. I think last year there was about 500 or so.
    If you are bored and want to go for a ride some day just send me a PM. I'm live in Prospect.
  17. Welcome to NR Travis !
    Your obsession is about to begin :wink:
  18. Thanks for the welcome VCM, and I think if you ask my wife, the obsession has already begun!

    DKEL, I heard about the MRA Awareness ride in the paper the other day. Sounds like a good shorter ride (than going to Hobart for the toy run) to tag along with (probably near the back somewhere!), or I might just ride over and check out whats happening at Archers Manor. After lots more practice and a bit more confidence i'm sure I'll take you up on that offer to go for a ride sometime! I also live in Prospect!

    Thanks for all the reply's so far!

  19. Hi sivartydrup glad the outcome was good. If you like you could ride as far as you are comfortable during the toy run. Last year my son and self just went to perth as he has just got his learners. When we do go we complete the trip in small stages which helps build your confidence and experience. Enjoy your new found freedom. Stay safe Tas.
  20. I think I might head out to Perth to check it out, Tas. I've only been on a few shorts rides so far, but I feel a lot more confident! And the ride is still a couple of weeks away, so plenty more time to ride before then. I'll just take it all at my own pace, probably hang near the back on the ride (as everyone is quite likely to pass me as I'm restricted to 80km/h) and just try to enjoy it! Completing it in small stages is a good idea too!

    The national harley owners group meet up is in Launceston that same weekend, they're expecting around 3000 bikes, so there's going to be a lot of bikes in Launceston!