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New here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kawasakiboy, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone!
    Just created a account
    Looking forward to reading heaps of interesting information and asking questions.
    I have a Kawasaki Z300 which I love!

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  2. Welcome mate, pics when you have posting privileges!
  3. Welcome Dave,
  4. welcome aboard :)
  5. Welcome to NR..

    Come around to the Saturday practice sessions when you can...
  6. Cheers everyone!! :)
    When can I post pics?
  7. I think once you have posted few times and have at least 2 'likes'....here's one for you! ;)
    Welcome to NR
  8. Welcome Dave, I like your enthusiasm, you've been bitten by the bike bug and infected with fun, enjoy.
  9. Welcome Dave ( yay for another bike cousin ). I have the Z as well in the charcoal colour, love it to bits !!!!!

    Hope to see you sometime in the near future at the sat pract :)
  10. Hey Bee!

    Thanks :)!!
    I saw the black one but once I saw the green I fell in love haha although if they had that orange like the Z250 I might have got that colour.
    What is this sat practice? I want to get involved!!
  11. Welcome Dave KawasakiboyKawasakiboy your account looks like it has upgraded to member status so you should be able to post pictures now.
  12. Hi Dave and welcome. The Z300 is turning out to be a popular choice. You seem quite happy with your purchase, keep an eye on the Vic Ride thread and come along and say hi some time.

    Ned (y)
  13. Welcome from a fellow newbie!

    I also have several weeks of back-reading to do on the forums, but I'm definitely looking forward to it! :)
  14. (y) Welcome Davo
  15. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  16. Sat Practice is where everyone come to get "special" hugs from our infamous Uncle GregUncle Greg :p you can read more here
  17. You don't want to frighten him away Bee. ;) By the way book your room in the Jindabyne Multi State meetup ride. :)