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New here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by killerman, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Hi names john I'm new here.. haven't really been out much of late
    been having a spate of bad luck with bikes ATM about a month ago i binned a 07 R1 so went and bout a 2009 R1 and had it 4 weeks and went for a ride with a few mates and hit a bit of gravel up top of Mount G.. ended up calling a ambo and spending a night in RBH and spewing my guys up on way home from massive dosages of morphine.. Tore my AC joint/ligament. so after ordering all the parts ex overseas, I managed to save myself $2,000..
    Been riding about 14 years on and off been off for about 6. im 33 Married got a child and I work in mining .Most of those years are on dirt bikes, rebuilt a 82 Dr250 and 2005 Husquvarna fe 610

    So atm while I'm waiting on the parts I'm having a bit of a rest as a week after my last "off" a guy got cleaned up by a truck right next to where i dropped my bike..


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  2. Hi John - welcome to Netrider. You'll find a heap of useful info here and you might be able to find a group of riders to run with when you're back on the bike. Sorry to read about your acco and the one that happened a week later - scary shit..

    Hope your parts come in sooner rather than later (y)
  3. Go one part today... lol wasnt expecting it LOL another 8 to go
  4. Woo hoo! Almost there then! (y)
  5. haha... this is true, but i rekon chrismas will come first (s'cuse the pun)