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New here and love to stroke!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jezza, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Hmmm sorry about the double entendre subject line :LOL: ... forgot the "w"

    Well, I have been lurking around for a couple of weeks, so I thought it was kind of rude not to stand up and say "Hi".... Well, Hello :D

    A few weeks ago I bought myself my very 1st bike 8) a 1991 Honda NSR250 - a two stroke pocket rocket. I just love strokers... of the 2 kind :wink:

    I was over in the OCAU.MC forums (housing mainly northerners... not that there's anything wrong with them :p ) and saw a post by Groberts about this forum which had mostly Victorians, so I wandered over for a gander :) ... hmmm, nice place you got here


  2. Hi Jezza and Welcome!

    Sth Melbourne AND Glen Waverly... that must be a pocket rocket :D
  3. :D
    Welcome Jezza! Hope to see you at coffee nights sometime - (probably should have let groberts invite you...)
  4. Thanks Jimi :D

    Yes, being a rich bastard; I have a penthouse in Sth Melb and a mansion in Glen Waverley... :LOL: just kidding - I'm in between two places at the moment, will be just Glen Waverley in a couple more weeks

    Thanks boz, I'll do my best to get out there and noise pollute Southbank. I gotta RWC and rego the little devil first. My Unregistered Vehicle Permit runs out soon, so I'd better hurry it up :shock:
  5. welcome

    Hi Jezza,

    You are game - having watched this forum and STILL wanting to stand up and be counted! :shock:

    Brave, or insane... :LOL:

    Welcome to the nuthouse, lunatic asylum, and beserkers forum... take your choice!
  6. Gday Jezza and welcome to the site mate.

  7. Heya Jezza.... welcome!!

    I had an NSR250....well still have it but its in a few more pieces than id like :D they are a shiiiiite load of fun
  8. Re: welcome

    Yes, I do belong here with all you bike riding wackos :shock:
    If celebs can check themselves into rehab clinics, then damnit, I too should be free to check myself into a nut-house :p

    Hey Cowboy... hmmm that just doesn't sound right coming from a hetero male :oops: :LOL:
    I know what you mean, they are awesome little things 8)
  9. Hi Jezza,

    You might be interested in these sites:


  10. One step ahead of you chief. I've already ordered stuff from them; GP exhausts, uppers, GP tail, racing steps... I'm gonna turn this little thing into a GP250 bike... well ok not quite :LOL:, but it will look and sound like da shiiit! 8)
  11. Welcome aboard Jezza.

    I almost didn't open this thread as I though it may be one of those "Don't open at work ones"

    I was pleasantly suprised......but also disappointed :LOL: :p
  12. welcome mate
    dont forget the coffee nights friday night
    see post under rides and events (friday Coffee)

    , hold on to you dacks , because youy will be in for a ride on this forum . :LOL:
  13. Hi Jezza!! I'm also an OCAUMC watcher (not really a poster on that one, though!). I wondered if you were the same Jezza! Welcome aboard!

    :D :D :D
  14. ... but I don't wear any??? :LOL:

    Thanks lil. Yep, same trouble maker here :)
  15. Welcome Jezza, you are moving to the better part of Melbourne :wink:
    hope to see you at Coffee night or one of the upcoming BBQ's at HQ, which is just round the corner from you in Mulgrave :)
  16. welcome mate,im considering getting a pocket bike so i wil need ur view mate
  17. Thanks flipper. Where there is food, there will be I :D
  18. :eek: :LOL: everybody's a comedian [mental note]snob GMAN at coffee nite[/mental note]
  19. We have many things at HQ :LOL: ..
    from food to c*ck sucking sambucas,
    from beer to fire holes on the roof,
    from BBQ's to Pizza nights,
    from Monty Python sing songs to nudie runs which go from one roundabout to the next (indicating as you go) at all hours of the morning \:D/

    Well you did say you were entering the nuthouse :roll:
  20. [-o< Oh yes, at last... I have found paradise :LOL: